Sansui AU-719 buzzing

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Des Ibels, Mar 24, 2011.

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    You will often see that as time progressed in Sansui manufacturing. Typically great components, but as it got later in the 80's they went to pressboard chassis, and the dreaded black plastic. :thumbsdn:


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  2. pete_mac

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    I've seen some of their early/mid 80's entry-level stuff and it is quite terrible. The pressboard bottom panel took my breath away (for all the wrong reasons!)
  3. myu701

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    Great to hear about the terrific restoration Hyperion was able to do, and the tracking down of that buzzing. Amazing how often these kinds of problems are due to soldering flaws.

    I've heard nothing but glowing satisfaction after restorations like these. I have an AU-719 that is totally original, but working really well. Once I've gotten other things cleared out of the way, I plan to embark on a restoration... if I'm in good financial shape, I'll send it off to someone skilled to do it, otherwise, I'll have to try my own hand at it.
  4. I see in this picture that the 22pf Black Flag capacitor is still showing on the completed board. Was it ever eventually replaced along with the other 3 black flags in this AU-719 ? Or was this work done before anyone was aware of the potential black flag issues, as this is an older 2011 thread ? I am getting ready to replace the 4 black flags in my own AU-719 with the proper 22pf ceramic capacitors, so just wondering about the status of this AU-719 as well. The rest of my AU-719 was completely restored, but when I received it a couple of months ago after purchase, it still had the black flag capacitors. So it seems that not every respected tech knows about these black flag issues, even to this day. I know Hyperion is now aware due to some posts after 2011 and that he helped me pick out the correct 22pf caps for my own AU-719 replacements. But just wondering about this AU-719 and if it was working ok with the black flags if they were not replaced yet.
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  5. Hyperion

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    Well spotted, yes, they were replaced, except perhaps for the first 20 years of their life the Black Flags have always been an issue and because of their function (namely 'stability'), they should be replaced wherever found.
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