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    This Sansui turned up a couple of days ago not working -- it apparently has sat unused in a garage for many years -- so I ripped into it. Here's the work done:

    Replaced all 2SA726 and 2SC1313 transistors (and a few others),
    Replaced power amp board trim pots,
    Recapped power supply and power amp boards,
    Changed relay,
    Full face off Deoxit of both front and rear panels pots and switches,
    Internal and external cases sent to powdercoaters for rustproofing and new finish,
    Transformer cap hit with rust convertor and a couple of coats of Hammerite (nice!!),
    Base plate cleaned of rust and painted with Hammerite,
    New On/Off lamp.

    Amp is now working well and dialled in as per the service manual. However, the main filter caps (15000 uF, 50v) are reading a little low for my liking -- approx. 12000uF and 9000uF -- so I'm going to change them. So some advice would be appreciated. Because of their physical size of 50mm diameter, my choices are down to two:

    18000 uF, 75v or
    22000 uF 50v.

    Which ones? Vote now! Or doesn't it matter.

    Also, the amp is missing one of its plastic lever caps (used on 6500, 7500, 8500 & 9500), so if anyone has spare or is parting out a unit, let me know please as I'm buying!

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  2. playittwice

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    Dubuque Iowa
    Nice work on a really nice looking and sounding amp.
  3. Hyperion

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    Hertfordshire, UK
    These get my vote. ;)
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