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Sansui AU-X11 crowd sourced service manual.

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Ronito6, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Ronito6

    Ronito6 Super Member

    A question regarding taking voltages the with a target of 0v but requiring a grounding of one test point while dialing in another.

    For the X11 EQ cards the instruction to "Test point 2 (TP-2) on the F-3451 EQ board must be temporarily connected to a ground point prior to taking voltage measurements at test point 1 (TP-1)." is a mystery to me.

    Wouldn't removing the temporary ground change the value measured at test point 1?
    I don't think the voltage would remain 0v after that temporary ground wire is removed. (To put it another way.)

    I know that the Sansui AU-907F Extra and the later G Extra both require a similar grounding of B before adjusting for A.

    Am I making a mistake here, and actually the grounding of B in order to adjust A really is not needed?

    I guess I am hoping for a visual example of this process begin done on some other models. I hope to better understand the process and goals of this requirement to ground B to adjust A.
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