Sansui AU-X11 Restoration

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by SanthoshA, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Ronito6

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    Visitors from New Zealand arriving today. So any input I can offer, like measuring the power board voltages on my X11, will be unlikely until the middle of next week.

    Although... I will drag a hook through some Japanese restorer blogs and see if any data we can use pops up.
  2. SanthoshA

    SanthoshA New Member

    It is ok for me, thanks for the prompt reply.
    The AC voltages i measured were across the speaker terminals, where i had a difference between left and right channels, with a 50hz sine wave passed as an input to the amplifier.

    Thanks again for your help and support.

    Have a good day!
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  3. SanthoshA

    SanthoshA New Member

    An update to fellow forum members who are looking for 2ST2121 and 2ST5949 transistors.
    I purchased the 2ST2121, from a reliable source, whereas the 2ST5949 were sourced from e-bay seller u-barn.
    I some how got fooled by the seller's rating in e-bay and proceeded with the purchase.

    Unfortunately the transistors shipped by u-barn are fake and i have requested a refund for the same in e-bay.

    Attached are pics of 2ST5949 sourced from e-bay seller u-barn.
    fake 2st5949_2.jpg

    fake 2st5949.jpg
    Please avoid this listing.

    These are the original 2ST212's.

    No care has been taken to make the clones, literally it is so easy to make out the clones from the original.
    I just hope e-bay will help me with the refund processing.
  4. SanthoshA

    SanthoshA New Member

    I would be thankful if any one can spare me 2ST5949 if you have them in stock.
    Please PM.

    Thank you!
  5. SanthoshA

    SanthoshA New Member

    Meanwhile, here are pics of sansui glue over the board just behind front panel.
    Had do some post processing of the picture to increase its brightness so the glue is easily visible.

    I was checking to see if the board could be removed, by pulling out the PCB, but looks like it is going to be tough, the board can be loosed by removing the screws securing it, but it not come out so easily, i believe the front panel has to be removed to work on this board easily, it is also tough to inspect the board being placed in a vertical manner.

    It needs attention for sure, and since i am running the original transistors , i have to work on the black flags with priority.
    Now that the transistor hunt being fruitless , it is better to keep the originals in tact.

    sansui glue.jpg

    Other points:

    The power supply boards with sansui glue runs hotter than the heat sinks where the output transistors are mounted.
    I have the same problem with the small mm and mc boards located on the right hand side of the amplifier, the small boards mounted onto eq and mc amp mounting board.
    Is this some thing i have to look at or is it common with the other AU-X11's and X1's too?
  6. slimecity

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    New Zealand
    This is the worst affected board in my X1 when it came to the glue.

    Compared to removing the power modules, getting this board out is straightforward by comparison. On the X1 anyway.....

    You need to remove all the knobs, undo the 4 screws to the sides of the front panel, pull that off, you will need to remove one lug to one pot also and the led plug pulls out. There is another black steel panel under the front panel. Remove another 4 screws, that will "drop down" (as there are other smaller PCBS attached to this panel). Slightly unscrew the 2 screws at the top (ie: like the one in your photo) and the top of this board can then be pulled towards you. The bottom of this board is held by three PCB "tags" that sit in metal slots. Easy.

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