Sansui G-8700DB Dial String Adjust

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    Sansui G-8700DB
    Dial String Adjust.

    Having received a G-8700DB with very little history to know How Much Use nor How It Was Stored.
    Yes, Dial String has obviously stretched.
    Fault : Dial unit lower than 92 MHz FM and Tuning will not return to Higher Freq. and will generally just stay stuck at approx. 92 MHz FM. IF you rotate the largest Dial String pulley with your hand while Tuning to Higher Frequencies, the Dial String tension will eventually return to normal / good tuning at approx. 92.5 - 93 MHz and all is fine again.

    The Dial String Adjustment on this unit consists of a M4 x 21 mm Phillips head bolt, and tension spring (on this bolt ) - which feeds through a support bracket and then screws into a small bracket housing a susspendid mid air dial string small pulley, one of several small pulleys in the Dial strings run.
    ( The M4 x 21 mm bolt mentioned is a shafted bolt with only approx. 8 mm ( guess , since I cant recall, presently ) threaded at the end)
    Since my unit was already at maximum tension bolt setting - I decided to replace the bolt with a shorter length bolt ( M4 x 16 mm ).
    This corrected the Tuning Problem.

    Thank you Sansui for designing this Dial String Tension / Stretch Adjustment into the Receivers design.
    Sure beats Dial String Replacement early or the other methods of Shortening the existing Dial String.

    I do not understand why the User Manual nor Service Manual do not mention this Dial String Adjustment Hardware ( ? )
    Possibly, only the manuals which I have succumbed - their may be others.

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