Sansui G5700, Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by biesnacks, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. biesnacks

    biesnacks New Member

    Hi guys, new to the space, I am very close at pulling the trigger for a mint Sansui G5700, even still has the original sticker on it, seriously beautiful. I have also been offered a Kenwood KR-7050 and I wanted to see what your thoughts were on the Sansui G series and essentially what receiver has a better history, both sound amazing, but idk, theres something about the sansui I like better, what are your thoughts? And does the G5700 have that "Sansui Sound" you always hear about?


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  2. MER71

    MER71 Super Member

    Get the Sansui. But, that is the fanboy in me. Though Kenwood is a great sound.
  3. Gibsonian

    Gibsonian Super Member

    Haven't heard the 5700 but have owned the 7700. Wonderful sounding Sansui.
  4. moefuzz

    moefuzz Active Member

    Peeyong Bangyou
    50 years later, Sansui is widely recognized as being the best of the best that ever was,
    and of these, many agree that the G series receivers are amongst the most beautiful sounding of the Sansui receivers/lineup.
    ---G series have breath taking sound.

    And although there are many kenwood, luxman, pioneer etc fans,
    none others went to the ultimate degree in reproducing sound with ultra low distortion with lots of headroom utilizing excellent frequency response via the highest degree of engineering/research -all with quality components
    that Sansui is/was known for.

    And to top it off, the G series is seriously good looking.

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  5. Hipocrates

    Hipocrates Anti-Muppet

    Costa Rica
    It is a sweet sounding unit (but I just listened one for a little while), I have the smaller brother(4700) and have dealt with the 7700, I heard that sometimes the tuner just get stock.
    What I can see on those 2 units is than they are not that well build than the previous builds. That being said they sound pretty pretty good.
    To me the ''Sansui Sound" is different between series and ages, I have some. The early AU are sounds different that the later, the X0X0 units sound different than the Gx000 and X0X0db's.
    Personally, I like more their integrated than the receivers.
    I have no idea how the kenwood sound, but maybe you can listen both and decide. Being this a Sansui forum you can expect some bias towards them, It would be fun to see what the folks on the Kenwood forum can add.
    Just in case, take notice... that being units with more than 35 years old you probably need them at least serviced.
  6. ghazzer

    ghazzer Sansui addict Subscriber

    Sykesville, MD
    On the run right now & will reply later. There are some 'simple' steps you will need to take as precautions for the 40+ years of age.


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  7. MER71

    MER71 Super Member

    In my listening time between Sansui and Kenwood, I prefer Sansui. I think Kenwood is the nearest to the Sansui sound, I have heard.
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  8. ghazzer

    ghazzer Sansui addict Subscriber

    Sykesville, MD
    Welcome to AudioKarma!

    The G-5700,6700&7700 are very similar, all using the same F-2980 main board. The higher numbers have more WPC and improved tuners.
    The first thing I would do is to ensure that it powers up and the Safely Operate LED goes green after 5-10 seconds.
    Then select FM with the Mode switch and verify that the digital display operates correctly.
    Turn the tuning knob and see if the dial pointer and the digital display agree.
    Dial through enough frequencies to check the operation of every segment (7) of each digit displays correctly.
    Does the tuning indicator change as you dial through/past stations?
    (You may have to touch the external FM antenna terminal to get a signal.)

    If you have some small 8Ω speakers or headphones with a ¼" plug, you can listen to the output if you have an FM station.
    An adapter cable with a 1/8" jack and L/R RCA connectors will let you play your phone or .MP3 player through the AUX input.

    Assuming that you decide to buy the G-5700, You should strongly consider these suggestions before settling in to enjoy your Sansui:
    Register (free) at and download the SM that covers all three of these receivers.
    Replace the four 100Ω trimmer pots (VR01-04) on the F-2980 bd. Search for more info on this.
    Following procedures you can find here on AK, adjust the pots at their initial position before applying power.
    Adjust the DC Offset, then the Bias. It may be helpful to read some of the 200+ pages in EchoWars stickey:

    I would let it play at low levels for a couple of hours before trying to share it with your neighbors.

    Enjoy - - -
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  9. TTomanto123

    TTomanto123 Member

    Jersey Coast
    I got started with Sansui when I got a G-5700 my brother had bought at a PX in the 80's. Great sounding receiver, and mine still cranks with all it's original components.
    It doesn't have top-end power, but I've never found it lacking with any of the 6-8 pairs of speakers I've tried with it over the years. Make it yours and don't look back. Operating properly they're sweet-sounding receivers.
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  10. BeerLegs

    BeerLegs Super Member

    The G-5700 is a great sounding mid size receiver. I got mine in my bedroom hooked up to some Polk M-10's. It does fine for 75 wpc of power.
  11. bd1886

    bd1886 Super Member

    Puget Sound/Cascade Foothills
    I have several different receivers that I think "nail a great sound" (from other manufacturers but?)
    Sansui's "The Sound of...." truly is the real deal. You can compare different sound signatures until the cows come home and all I can say is Sansui's take has a distinct sparkle in those highs that is perfectly balanced (projecting from smooth lower mids and base). Never harsh ever but still a forward sounding delivery that does all genres well and some spectacular. Just "is" and it is notable in the upper G series and the G-5x00 is where it all starts....all obviously engineered to share that sound strongly. Big fan here.


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  12. ghazzer

    ghazzer Sansui addict Subscriber

    Sykesville, MD
    Well, the OP hasn't been back for nearly a month. I hope he got the information he was looking for - - -

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