Sansui G9000 Tutorial disassemble clean stuff reassemble

Discussion in 'Sansui Equipment Database' started by Aerwyk, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Aerwyk

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    Republic of Panama
    Hello All,

    Among some of my more nefarious endeavors, I was a tech writer. I wrote theory of operation and repair manuals for military electronics.

    I have a similar manual (disassemble clean stuff reassemble only) well under way. I have written it for both pro and newbie alike. It's not finished yet. Is there sufficient interest and who would like to be my editor? I'll pm 4 or 5 pages to whomever is interested. It's in pdf format.



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  2. LBPete

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    Long Beach, CA
    I just saw this thread. As you have seen, you won't get much of a response here in the Database forum. I'm sure there would be lots of people interested in your booklet but they won't see it here. Please start a new thread in the Main Sansui Forum.

    - Pete

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