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Sansui quad headphones

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Beerman 1001, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Beerman 1001

    Beerman 1001 New Member

    IMG_2691.JPG Picked these up at local thrift store. Has TWO male plugs, each off of the left and right side.

    Are these ONLY useable with some sort of quad amp or receiver???

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  2. LBPete

    LBPete Rolling Along Subscriber

    Long Beach, CA
    Are the plugs marked front and back? If so, just use the front. If not, try them both one at a time and decide which you like better. Higher end Sansui stereo receivers have two headphone jacks, if you have one, use both. It will only be stereo but that will utilize all the drivers in these quad headphones.

    Does it have a serial number on it somewhere? If so, please post it for the database. Click on the link in my signature block.

    - Pete
  3. restorer-john

    restorer-john Addicted Member

    Front and rear channels can be a little awkward otherwise...

    Check out this guy going for the full surround experience. :)

  4. Beerman 1001

    Beerman 1001 New Member


    These are marked front and back, but I'm afraid my receivers are rather pedestrian and have only the one female jack. I take it, these are semi-useless without a high-end unit that has the two female jacks??

    It DOES have a serial number, but it looks like I will be getting rid of it if it can't be used with my existing equipment. FWIW.
  5. sKiZo

    sKiZo Hates received: 8642 Subscriber

    Once again - just plug the "front" jack into your receiver for stereo. Quad phones are basically two sets of headphones with the drivers being offset to create the quad effect when listening. Let the "rear" jack hang, and it won't do anything, and neither will the rear drivers in the cups.

    That's kinda sorta why they're called "2/4" channel phones, because you can run them either way.

    PS - those phones also have a 2/4 channel switch on em if I remember right. In your case, switch it to the stereo setting and it should route the front channel to both the front and rear drivers in each cup.

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