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Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Jabbalabba, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Jabbalabba

    Jabbalabba New Member

    Oh no, a used 717 also turn up for sale.
    This is getting more difficult for each day.
    So if the choice is:
  2. Sansui77

    Sansui77 Khosaku Kikuchi's Grandson

    Melbourne, Australia
    You'd be very lucky to get a G-8K for the price as what the 717 & 7500 go for. The 8K's go for twice as much as the rest you have mentioned.
    I don't know what your budget is but if you can get in nice condition AU-717 cheap, that would be my pic. Easy to work on, parts are easy to obtain and they sound deep.

    If your after a more balanced sound and something that looks like a Mona Lisa, then the 8K.
  3. Jabbalabba

    Jabbalabba New Member

    The prices are very different.
    The 717 was sold in few hours, so this is not available now.
    The G is very expensive.
    For price the 7500 amp and tuner is 1/3 of the G.
    The 9090db is about 1/2 price against the G
    The G is maybe better, but price is to high for me.
    The d9 I'm sceptical, since liquid cooling and old age could be a problem?
    At the moment I'm leaning for the 7500 set or the 9090db.
    On the plus side for the 7500 is price, newly serviced, looks in very good shape and a bit warmer sound since it's a earlier 70 model?Maybe to warm? But I haven't heard it myself so this is uncertain.
    I'm waiting for reply on the 9090db and if it's in good shape.
    The 9090db is in my opinion the most beautiful reciever I've seen.
    So I think (at the moment), it's either the 7500 set or the 9090db.
    For the record I'm not a collector, just want to enjoy good music and sound.
    As mentioned I rather want a to warm than to forward amp.
  4. Hipocrates

    Hipocrates Anti-Muppet Subscriber

    Costa Rica
    Any of those mentioned units will serve you well.
    Just be sure than whatever unit you come across get a proper reconditioning, remember that we are taking about 40+yrs old unit and from my experience ''serviced", means nothing.
    As advice, get a membership and go to barter town, you will find good options, with more than fair prices, and maybe a reconditioned unit that will be just plug and play.
    About the ''warmness''; your speakers have a lot to do in that matter, not just the receiver, integrated, etc. So you need to find the match that you like.
    An audio system(vintage or not), have several variables.

    Oh and welcome to AK (be careful with Sansui, once you get one you will want more:p )
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  5. Jabbalabba

    Jabbalabba New Member

    Sorry about my English, the correct translation should be that the au-7500 is said to be reconditioned (seller has this as business).
    Same applies to the 417.
    Maybe I should jump on the 7500.
    I feel more confident that it is in good condition vs the unknowns of this on 9090db.
  6. slimecity

    slimecity Super Member

    New Zealand
    I think it has the sound you are after. Why not if the price is right?
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  7. Jabbalabba

    Jabbalabba New Member

    I spoke with the seller of 7500 and 417, and by coincidence he is coming to my region in a 1 1/2 weeks time.
    So I get the chance to hear both the 7500 and the 417 before I decide.
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  8. moefuzz

    moefuzz Active Member

    Peeyong Bangyou
    I think it will be beautiful,

    I think it is hard to splitting hairs here.
    Sansui in 40years has proven her worth.

    Find the jewel, the one with the honest past and truthful owner.
    Sometimes Maybe we second guessing to much and things slip through our hands?
    And in time maybe not to have "That" chance for a long time or maybe never again?

    This is the questions.

    But to Sansui who have proven themselves many years ago. No question.
    And the sound has proven decades old as the best of the best. Proven.
    Yes, the G series is more money, and lots of people don't use FM.
    But maybe the "look" of the silver face blue fluorescent display maybe causes hearts to ache?
    I agree!

    But for sound of any listed, you will not go wrong
    and from these era you will certainly hear just amazing voices. No questions.

    ?now To dable your toe in the waters and not to get your foot wet?

    I thin you will be impressed no matter which you choose
    but to be careful,
    Sansui is like crack cocaine. o_O


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  9. moefuzz

    moefuzz Active Member

    Peeyong Bangyou


    One thing to think about in these amps/receivers
    is how others describe them.

    Perhaps? The sweet sound of the Larger G series
    is in the triple tone controls nicely centered on specific frequencies
    and Also with this a ?correct? loudness circuit
    that helps makes up for our human short commings in hearing.

    In Larger G series, To me, the fact that Sansui took the time to research the ear and it's frequency response,
    - and it's short commings
    and to design a circuit along with 3 nicely centered tone controls
    to aide us in comming closer to perceiving most accurate sound,
    makes a world of difference to me.

    I fully use and appreciate the thought and engineering that went to
    Sansui's triple tone controls/frequencies this accented by an accurate loudness circuit.

    From around the world There is much love for G Series for good reason.
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  10. Jabbalabba

    Jabbalabba New Member

    Yes, the G is nice sounding and good looking.
    In my opinion its to expensive compared to the other alternatives.
    The 7500 amp and tuner also looks nice together, the 9090 the prettiest of the bunch. 417 just ok, but that's my opinion and others may disagree.
    Sound is the most important though.
    First I'll have a listen to 7500 and 417.
    Then decide what I should go for.
  11. Jabbalabba

    Jabbalabba New Member

    Au-999 and a Eight (STD version) is also available to buy now.
    Any opinions compared to au-7500?
  12. freQ(*)Oddio

    freQ(*)Oddio Super Member

    do you need a tuner ?, you want a receiver, or a integrated, the G8000 is a great receiver, also are the AU series, many of us have 1 of each, .
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  13. freQ(*)Oddio

    freQ(*)Oddio Super Member

    i have a 9090db and the phono stage is excellent to my ears compared to my outboard preamps, that is a good choice, they had a dolby board issue as all sui guys know, you want to ask seller about channel dropout issues, and if you test a db series from a seller make sure they dont have the mono button pushed in to hide a channel drop issue, i got bit by that on a 8080db once
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  14. Jabbalabba

    Jabbalabba New Member

    Tuner is of no use since FM is getting closed this week, only for esthetics (7500 set looks nice together.
    Have not heard back from the seller with 9090db.
    Thanks for tip about mono button.

    The list of candidates is now:
    Au-7500 with Tu-7500

    The 7500 and 417 is by my knowledge the only ones fully restored.
    Au-999 is said to have changed the small caps (unknown when)
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  15. pete_mac

    pete_mac Super Member

    Sydney, Australia
    Whilst I'm fond of all of these amps, a clean AU-D9 is a pretty impressive sounding amp!

    A fully overhauled and modded 999 is also an amp to be reckoned with.
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  16. AUD101

    AUD101 Parsley The Lion!

    "The Big Smoke" - UK
    Agree with Pete - an AU-D9 (and AU-D11 too) are indeed very impressive amp(s) - well worth auditioning
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  17. stereofun

    stereofun Super Member

    Tucson, AZ
    The 999 and Eight have each their pro's and cons. Both excellent choices that shares some similarities in the sound.

    The 999 is by far the easiest to work on - one of the easiest of them all, but it needs a couple of mods to really shine.
    The Eight can be a nightmare to work on, and it's adjustment procedure is not for the faint of heart.

    As pete mentioned, a fully rebuild 999 (which is easy to do if you are so inclined) is a formidable amp, with a lush and detailed sound that gives off a really nice stereo perspective.
    The Eight shares some of the same attributes as the 999 - smooth, detailed, but comes across with a bit more punch and power but on the contrary a bit more "dry" or "hard" in the mid section.

    In terms of collector value - both the Eight and 999 outshines the 7500 as more desireable pieces, there were both landmark units of their era - the Eight for its uncompromising build quality and the 999 for its sheer awesomeness as a top of the line amp from Sansuis legendary first line of solid state amplifiers, counting other notables such as the 555/666/777/888. Cheers,
  18. Jabbalabba

    Jabbalabba New Member

    Both eight and 999 was sold in few minutes, some other lucky guy got them.

    I'm at least sitting here, lucky to have both 7500 and 417 on home testing!
    Tried them both with Tannoy 635 and Snell e3.
    Both are very good and different sounding.
    I understand why some would love the 417 and others the 7500.
    With my speakers, my room, my dac, my music taste, my ears and the maybe different condition of both amps.

    I prefer the 7500.
    I also like the 417.
    If I where looking for the most correct sounding of them.
    Maybe more forward sounding music taste.

    What I like with the 7500 is the roundness of the reverb, fullness, excellent bass, the drive and flow, more forgiving, organic sounding and a be there feeling even on low to moderate volume.
    I'm just enjoying the music with it.
    The cliche, Old records come 'alive" again
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  19. Oldsansui441

    Oldsansui441 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Victoria, Australia
    Sounds like you have picked a winner, great idea to demo both and get an idea how they both sound with your own speakers, how did you manage to do this?
    If the AU-7500 has been rebuilt/restored and you can get it for a good price l would say go for it, there wouldn't be too many out there for sale like this. Has the owner given any details of what work was completed?
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  20. Jabbalabba

    Jabbalabba New Member

    Both is from same seller, and he was going on a trip to his cabin that is close by.
    Pure coincidence/luck and a great opportunity to find out approximately the timeframe of Sansui sound I prefer.
    I haven't got the details on the work as of now.
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