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Sansui XR-Q9 T/T (kind of long)

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Sansuiman, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Sansuiman

    Sansuiman Active Member

    St. Louis, Missouri
    Greetings to all on the forum (especially to you Fred!) this is my first (and hopefully not last) post.

    I have a question that I hope one of the other Sansui enthusiasts here can help with in regards to the XR-Q9 turntable.

    I have three of the beasts, but they all exhibit the same problem - the automatic functions do not work (i.e. auto lift, play and return).

    Pressing the start or lift (cue) buttons causes the "computer" indicator to flash, and the platter will turn at correct speed, but it will never auto cue the tonearm or rotate it into the play position. Eventulally the LED stops blinking and the unit appears to go into a locked up state - the buttons no longer respond.

    I have the service manual, and am a fairly accomplished tech insofar as amplifier and tuner repair, but the tonearm transport on this is very complex mechanically, to say nothing of the logic contol circuits involved in this model.

    Does anyone know of an inherent defect in the design, or a common problem for which there was a techincal bulletin, or some simple/stupid problem that I'm overlooking? Note that nothing is broken (gears, sensors, etc) and everything appears to be mechanically aligned in the auto transport assembly beneath the tonearm inside the cabinet, but it just won't work and I'm at the point of being stumped.

    TIA for any input



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  2. BeatleFred

    BeatleFred Super Member

    New York
  3. PhaseGuy

    PhaseGuy New Member

    Washington State

    I found this post doing a search for information on the XR-Q9 turntable. Did you figure out was was wrong with your units? I have the same problem with the one I have.
  4. starheaven

    starheaven New Member

    Sansuiman and all,

    I have a sansui XR-Q9 turntable with exactly the same problem.
    Took it to a highly qualified audio technician, I say that because he was the only one that properly identified the problem.
    The problem with the turntable is the Friction Disc part number 61423700 in the service manual. The disc has a long thin spindle attached with rotating threads\grooves that move the gears. Once the grooves become worn the gears will not rotate when in contact with the spindle as it turns. Therefore no arm movement to the record etc.
    To fix the problem you need this replacement part. If anyone knows where to get this part PLEASE let me know. I dont know if Sansui have any in stock. Anyway I arranged for the technician to remove the part. Does no harm to the assembly. Simply you will have a manual tow arm instead of automatic and probably avoid any further damage to the assembly. If you find a replacement part simply replace it and will fix the whole problem. I am considering taking it to a mechanical engineer to see if can fix the threads on the spindle, replace it or make a new one.
    These are one of the best turntables around and worth every bit of $ to repair. Hope this helps everyone out there with the same problem.
    I understand your problem it is a complex piece of equipment but then you wouldn't expect anything otherwise from Sansui..
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2004
  5. Stene

    Stene The Introducer

    Stockholm Sweden

    The problem isnĀ“t part 61423700 (No 10 Friction Disc) Check instead Clutch Plates No 13 and 14 :yes:
  6. Sansuiman

    Sansuiman Active Member

    St. Louis, Missouri
    XRQ-9 update - sort of

    Stene and Starheaven and all,

    Thanks very much for your input, it is helpful to see that you both suspect the same item(s) I have been considering as the cause of the malfunction. I have found another problem though - there is a rubber tire (almost like an idler tire in a cassette deck) but much larger that is sandwiched between part callout 18 and 14 - see Stene's attached image above to see what I'm talking about.

    After dissassembling this multi sectional part of the tonearm transport, I found the tire to be very hard and slicked off (typical of a rubber part of this age - 20+ years old) and I suspect that it may not be pliable enough for the friction plate to "bite" in order to get the assembly to turn.

    Note that not visible in the illustration are little grooves on the surface of the one fritction plate that mesh with the edge of the tire when engaged. Since the tire is hardened the grooves no longer grab it, therefore the lower assembly moves without actuating the upper assembly as designed.

    The bad news is that I have not yet sourced a suitable replacement for the tire, as I beleive it has to be a very precise match size-wise. Also it is attached (glued?) to the plastic gear #18 per the illustration from the service manual and I am unsure of how to attach a new tire for long term reliability. Most glues will not hold reliably to the plastic of which these gears are made.

    I am working on this but it has taken a back seat to other more pressing concerns at the moment. If (or rather when) I finally get a solution to this I will post here for other XR-Q9 and XR-Q11 users who would like to get these TT's back up to snuff. Of course, the way things are going this may take me a while.

    Anyway, happy new year to all!

    Curator of the Sansui Museum of the Midwest


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  7. DoctorZ

    DoctorZ New Member

    If you get the blinking computer indicator and no action it is most likely the microprocessor that is at fault. I had the exact same problem with my XR-Q9 three times and it was the microprocessor that was at fault. This TT is extremely sensitive to static. I'm not sure if there is any buffering components between the controls and the processor. Over a 24 year period I had to replace the processor twice. It finally crapped out again and I took the table out to the trash and bought a full up manual rig.
  8. audiosan

    audiosan New Member

    I have a XR-Q5 and with similar problems :tears: :

    When I press start:
    - quartz locked LED goes on
    - computer LED blinks SLOW.
    - the platter start rotating.
    - BUT the arm is not moving at all.
    - now the computer LED blinks FAST.

    Then the LEDs go off and the platter stops rotating.

    Anyone any idea?!? Any help is greatly appreciated :thmbsp:
  9. Morden2004

    Morden2004 Relaxin'

    Morden, Nova Scotia
    Start a new thread -- this is an old one.

  10. rbduck

    rbduck New Member

    I know this a really late response to this thread, but I have an XRQ9. I've had all or combination of the problrms mentioned here. I plug the TT and use it manually a bit and it wil start working automatic perfectly. If I let it sit a week or two without using it , it willl get out of sync and I have to start all over. If I use it daily, it works perfectly all the time. I've been using it since about 1985 and it's a great TT. I have the matching AUd11 amp, Equalizer, and tuner I use the Amp and Tuner to run the Rear speakers to my Surround System. I Also bought the digital ready speakers with th 17" woofers ,midrange and tweeter. man....what read sound. i did have the extra tonearm that came with the TT but it was lost in a move at some time,,,,,
  11. Hyperion

    Hyperion Roobarb & Custard Subscriber

    Hertfordshire, UK

    What he said ^^^... the beginning of this thread is over 4 years old. Also you might want to consider placing it in 'Turntables and Tape' - here is OK, but you might get more replies in the other one.

    (sorry, I think it's the right thing to do :yes: )



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  12. kotofei

    kotofei permanent gear evolution Subscriber

    I just found this thread since I have a Sansui XR-Q11 and looked for some other stuff for it. I bought mine on ePay and it was not powered up; so I sent it to someone in Roswell, GA in an attempt to fix it.

    He fixed the power thing but then discovered that the tonearm cueing mechanism is not working. He identified the broken plastic part and MADE IT!!! This solved the problem.

    PM me if you need the address/phone of this guy. However, be prepared to pay some $$$ in the range of $250 since he said it took him a lot of time to manufacture this part . Hope this helps.
  13. titoman

    titoman New Member

    Argentina, Buenos Aires
    In principle, correct repair of the arm involves disassembling the entire mechanism; step by step, from bottom to top according to the exploited figure of the service manual.
    Then, reverse reassemble all parts (cleaned conveniently). The worn components must be changed, the hardened rubbers must be reconditioned with a rubber reconditioning chemical or they could be changed directly. You should bear in mind the adjustments established in the service manual; all adjustments must be made without exceptions !!!, otherwise the computer could malfunction.
    Pay close attention to the thrust and friction washers (13, 14, 19, 20) indicated in the exploded view, they must be in optimal conditions !.
    The friction disc (10) must be greased with silicone grease and the components (21, 22, 32) must be greased as indicated by the exploded view.
    The drive belt size (4) is critical, it should not be too tense, the micro motor is weak due to design.
    Take into account that the adjustment with oscilloscope on the sine wave of 2.2 volts generated by the optical sensors is essential for the correct functioning of the servomechanism; this is not so practical if you do not have a signal retention oscilloscope (digital). :)

    best regards
    H.A.Z (titoman)
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  14. stopkidding

    stopkidding Well-Known Member

    I have a Sansui XR-Q5. I just removed the auto return mechanism. Now it's fully manual. Works great!!
  15. Sansuiman

    Sansuiman Active Member

    St. Louis, Missouri
    Well now, this is a long dead thread resurrected. FWIW, I still have 4 XR-Q9 and 2 XR-Q11 and all still have non-working automatic functions.Yeah, 14+ years without much progress on that front, but there are always too many other things to be done.

    Someday I hope I'll find the magic bullet that fixes these things, they are really nice turntables and it would be great to have them working correctly. In the meantime I picked up an SR-929 that is my primary table, and an XP-99 that was still NIB when I bought it years ago now. It works great, but doesn't see all that much use as it is part of a secondary system. I did find a few NOS CPU chips a while back, and have those in reserve if I ever determine what is actually wrong with these XR-Q models.

    I still suspect a combination of bad rubber tires and belts, mechanical mis-adjustment and electronic mis-calibration together to cause the failure of the automatic functions as the likely explanation.
  16. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

    Vancouver, B.C., Canada
    The XP-99 in my living room is one of the nicest Sansui XR model.

    Piano black just like the SR-838 and SR-929. :thumbsup:


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  17. Sansuiman

    Sansuiman Active Member

    St. Louis, Missouri
    Indeed it is, and probably the very last true high end turntable Sansui made, as all that followed it were inexpensive plastic models loaded with gimmick type features like linear tracking, programmable track selection, even a double sided drawer load turntable that came out in the mid 1980's that could play both sides without flipping the record over.

    The one thing the XP-99 lacks is a strobe to verify the platter speed, though I surmise it was probably omitted since the speed was computer controlled and didn't need visual verification. That assumes one has faith in the electronics to actually maintain dead-on speed.

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