Score Of A Lifetime Thread

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by Snow, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. richd860

    richd860 Speaker Freak!!! Subscriber

    Been buying speakers,and other audio gear for about 10 years now,and I think a couple of my purchases were fantastic scores.A pair of JBL L100's for $150,and a few months ago,a pair of PSB Stratus Goldi Speakers,for $300. I sold the JBL's for $610.The PSB's will stay with me forever.
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  2. mimalmo

    mimalmo I like big speakers Subscriber

    Yep. Sunfire True Sub Mk IV for $25

    I think she was pissed at her husband or something. Said she was selling it because "it was in her way".

    2018-04-16 11_41_07-Screenshot_20180416-095735.png
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  3. lissenup

    lissenup Active Member

    Probably my biggest score was everything in my signature line, except for the CA Stream Magic and the Mac tuner, for $2500. A bunch of high end cables also part of the package.
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