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  1. anytune

    anytune AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I will limit my all-time best list to items I still own:
    Klipsch Fortes $20
    Sansui G-8700DB $35
    Marantz 2215B $10
    ADS L520s $15
    ADS L420s $20
    ADS L10s $15
    KLH Model 6s $15
    KLH Model 30s $15
    Frazier Manhattans $20
    Original Large Advents $10
    HPM 60s $20
    Dynaco A-35s $20
    Pioneer SX-535 $10
    Realistic STA-2000D $10
    Kenwood KR-6600 free
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  2. Don Bocadill

    Don Bocadill Obsessed, who me???!! Subscriber

    Central Ohio
    Got my prized JBL 4435's for $100 a piece off a Craigslist ad posted right here in dollars n sense, had em for a good 3-4 years now and wouldn't dream of selling them..
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  3. highping

    highping AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just South of Seattle
    My score of a life time lasted for about 4 years. Every Monday I would go to an electronics recycling facility in Auburn WA. I eventually moved on to a couple facilities closer to home. Listed below is some of the gear I found scrounging around these places. Notably I'd say the Eico mono amps, Thorens TD124, Dahlquist DQM9's, and the JBL speakers were the high lights.
    A pair of mono blocks - Eico HF-22's ($25 a piece) and a Carver CT-26v Dolby Pro Logic Preamp/Tuner thrown in for $10!
    Pioneer SX-780 , Harman Kardon HK560, & a pair of ADS L420's all for $40
    NIKKO / Alpha II, AKAI / AA5000, H.H. Scott / Stereomaster 333B, Bang & Olufsen / Beogram RX, All working and all for $10 a piece
    Pioneer SR-101 (a tubed reverb amp)Carver TL-3220Yamaha CR-820Sansui AU-717 / TU-717, all for $55 .
    Pioneer SX-1000TD Kenwood KA-6100 SONY TA-4650 Vfet Dynaco Stereo 410 Marantz 4300 and some Monster rca cables.........all for $40
    Onkyo CP-1020F TT w/ Ortofon LM10RME Electrovoice 4350-A Sansui 661Marantz 2270Marantz Imperial 7's, All for $55
    Thorens TD124 Pritchard Audio Dynamics tone arm, Harman Kardon HK1000Onkyo CP-1130F - Black GradoPioneer PL-117D - Audio TechnicsYamaha CT-610II, KEF Model 200C, all for $50
    Heathkit AJ 43 & AA 21 Amplifier, Kenwood TK 140X, Pioneer SX 727, Dynaco PAS3,BGW model320, ElectroVoice Stereo Power Amp 7300 all for $57
    Pioneer SX-1010, Harman Kardon 730, Sansui 2000A, Kenwood KR-5600, Marantz 2245, all for $40
    Sherwood S-2300 AM/FM tuner, The Carver Receiver AVR-100, 15" EV sub, Magnapan Magnaplanar MG-Ic's, all for $35
    B&O Beogram CD-3300, Marantz ST-600, Sansui 5000, Heathkit AA-1506, Onkyo A-7055, Concept 2.5, Realistic STA-2080, JVC JL-A40, and a pair of Sony TA-N55ES's all for $50
    Sansui 8080DB, in perfect working order for $40
    Sony SQR-6750, KLH 32's, Phase Linear 4000 preamp all for $50
    Dual CS-5000, Beogram 1800, SX-3700, Pair of Harman Kardon HK-40's, all for $30
    JBL Century L100's and 4301B's $10 each pair
    Sony STR-7065 / Yamaha CR-220 / Yamaha CR-2040 ..... all 3 for $55.
    Dahlquist DQM-9's boxes w/ instructions, warranty, & brochure...along with the stands, also boxed w/ instructions. and a Yamaha M-35 for $30.
    Marantz DV6200,Hafler DH.101,GAS Son of Ampzilla,(2) DBX XB140,Bogen RM350D,JBL ARC Sub,Pioneer SX 737,Pioneer SX 535,Denon DCD 1560 for $50.
    Yamaha = M-4, C-4, & T-1, Pioneer QX-9900, Pair of AR-7's, all for $75.
    Citation Twelve, dynaco PAT4 & Quadaptor QD-1, along with a beat up AR XA = $7
    Dynaco ST-150 with the manual for $40
    Focal Chorus 706V's for $50
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  4. faber12

    faber12 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Northwest Ohio
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  5. Brad Muller

    Brad Muller Super Member

    Vancouver, Wa
    Score of a lifetime has to be Barzilay console loaded with McIntosh 240,McIntosh C-26, McIntosh MR-71, Thorens TD-124, and two Barzilay speaker cabs loaded with 075...D130 drivers for $300.:rockon: If only Bolly were here!
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  6. damacman

    damacman Blown and Injected Subscriber

    Gilbert, AZ
    McIntosh MC275 for $300 ...
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  7. lattiboy

    lattiboy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    A set of Altec Flamencos in shockingly good condition - $100 and a van rental.

    B&K 2220 and PT3 series ii preamp - $100

    Speakerlab 7WAs - $50
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  8. Dazaa

    Dazaa Well-Known Member

    London England
    I seem to be attracted to big heavy obscure equipment.
    As previously mentioned, around 4 years ago I found a pair of ridiculously big NRG mono blocks.
    A little later a Sony X7ESD CD player turned up, 17kg CDplayer that at first glance you'd be forgiven for think its 90's bpc
    Sometime later I found a JVC Class A pre amplifier, 18kg, just as rare as the power amps.
    Then I came across some AudioTruth/AQ high end speaker cables.
    Week or two back I found apair of Wilson Witt speakers.
    Throughout this period i've built up a substantial record collection, over 5000, quite how far over 5k i'm not sure.

    When its all up and running, I can honestly say that my entire system, from the cables to the amps, records to cd's (bar a handful I bought from shops) came entirely from recycling.

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  9. 432HzBob

    432HzBob AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West Coast
    What a haul.
    I've been happy the last few weeks with a $20 pr of JBL L101's from the LRS which will do until such time can swap in the bigger drivers.
    jbl l101.jpg
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  10. highping

    highping AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just South of Seattle
    That mono block looks huge! Thanks for sharing your pics, and story. :)
  11. slimecity

    slimecity Super Member

    New Zealand
    A Pioneer C21 preamp for $100NZD in a crappy pawnshop. Used and restored and sold for $550 NZD a few years later.
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  12. richd860

    richd860 Speaker Freak!!! Subscriber

    Well,I consider my latest acquisition,my best score ever,and maybe my last speaker purchase.A Pair of PSB Gold i Speakers,with Cherry finish.Not Mint,but very very close.I got them on a local auction,for the outrageous price of $300.00. By far,the finest speaker I have ever heard.I new nothing,when I first bid on them,and then did some research.I basically stole these speakers!!!! Have them set up in my listening room,powered by my Kenwood KR 9600.I love these speakers!!!!

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  13. tubed

    tubed Lunatic Member

    Curb Alert
    Double fun remembrance.
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  14. tubed

    tubed Lunatic Member

    $100 JBLs(S8R)
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  15. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    I debated talking about these but what the heck? I used to live within short commuting distance to the Western Electric Merrimack Valley Works.

    That had an eventual trickle down effect on my first 2 hauls:

    One time I was at my workbench and my furnace guy was repairing our chronically failing system. We got to know him quite well, even sent him Christmas cards. I had several shelves of tube gear near my bench and I asked him if he ever saw stuff like that in his travels? His reaction was a cocked eyebrow and "Are you effin' kidding me?". It seemed that he saw quite a bit of stuff like that in his rounds. I asked him if he could inquire if anyone wanted to get rid of any of it? To my mind that meant "Do you think they would sell me stuff?" To his mind it was "I have some slave labor to clean up your stupid mess." And, that's what happened. Over a multi year period he would call me up, give me a number and name, and I would do the rest. There were some major scores, not just audio. The biggest was the entire contents of a multi-room basement for a former Western Electric engineer which included speakers, 728B's & 755A, tubes, transformers, data books, prototypes, etc. That was one good haul; Chuck the burner guy will always be fondly remembered

    There are many others that were good too but my next favorite is a fave. Near my old home there was a house with a large ham antenna up the side. I drove by it every day and I always wondered what was in the cellar. One Saturday I go by and they are having a yard sale. The guy that owned the home had passed and his son was selling off the contents. I asked if there was any radio gear and was immediately led to the cellar. A ham buddy of the former owner had already been through and took out the newer ham gear but anything with a tube in it he left. Lots of big UTC chokes & PTs built into gear which I got for nearly nothing. It was what was not in chassis that was epic, a literal knee high pile of transformers on the floor. Sprinkled throughout are these film can looking ones as well as others that looked like bricks, all painted black. The shape was familiar but not the color. I scraped paint off one of the film cans and see grey underneath as well as the gold decal of a Western Electric logo. I asked if the man worked for Western Electric, he had and apparently like the other engineer had brought his work home. I don't recall how many 618 series transformers I got but it was many. The big brick shaped transformers were (3) 519A's (6K:VC OT's from the 142 series amplifiers). Other stuff too, interstages, chokes, PT's other outputs, a lone 171C, etc. When I sorted it all out I had the complete transformer set for a pair of 142-A amplifiers. Although the 618's are long gone, those aren't. I likely paid $30 for all of it.

    Lastly, in the early 90s there was a monthly trade publication for radio stations and they offered free monthly classified ads of 30 words. I made up some RF techy letterhead on my computer and faxed in a wanted ad which to my amazement they published. Now I wasn't the first guy to do this, pro audio & RF classifieds have been littered w/ WANTED: MCINTOSH MARANTZ WESTERN ELECTRIC LANGEVIN GOTHAM OMG_SELL_IT_TO_ME_CHEAP_YOU_DUMBASS_BUMPKIN ads for years but I took a different approach with my wording and did not get booted. The usual treasure wanted ads did from this pub. And so it went for ~5 years. I bought a lot of stuff from all over the country and specifically more Western Electric bits as well as UTC, Triad, Partridge, et al. Not every week or even every month but it did come in. Many of the station engineers built their own audio gear and had stuff at home as well. But there was also onesie/twosies stuff from filing cabinets & drawers forgotten in the station morgue. Although I did get a lot of great stuff (including my Scott LK-150) the most common response when I finally connected with someone was "I can't believe you wanna buy this crap. I just filled a dumpster with stuff like this last month/week/yesterday... Heartbreak but I saved some WE 116B & 141A apparatus, a set of 171C & 197A outputs & (pr.) of 755A speakers from the same fate. This era is well over but it was a rollicking good time when it wasn't.
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  16. Snow

    Snow AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Great to hear you saved what you did from the landfill. I have people surprised all the time about the amount of gear I find especially where I live and the key to it all is work, think outside the box be clever approach getting these hauls by telling everyone you see and know that you want these types of items advertise how ever you can and eventually you will hit a good lick.

    Regards Snow
  17. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    I stopped hunting stuff down as I have a hard time letting go of it once I find it. Tried some of old techniques last year and found a bunch of things pretty quickly.

    This stuff was made pretty much non-stop for 50-60 years with a big WW2 production spike in the middle. There is still a lot out there not laying on tables at flea markets.
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  18. damacman

    damacman Blown and Injected Subscriber

    Gilbert, AZ
    Those were the darling of the HiFi press for some time ...
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  19. canuckaudiog

    canuckaudiog On a quest for high fidelity

    Edmonton, AB
    Great idea for a thread!

    Two scores come to mind and they're both related somewhat.

    The first one was a pair of RWOFostex LS/3 studio monitors. I was on Kijiji and punched in "Altec lansing" into the search to see if I could find any Altec Lansing speakers (as I was interested in finding some, like Valencias or Model 14s). An ad popped up saying "Altec lansing speakers!!!" and they looked really interesting.. big cabinets with wooden horns and JBL lens-like tweeters. While I didn't know what they were, I knew these were worth buying.

    I got them home and figured out exactly what they were. Not Altec Lansing but very rare RWOFostex studio monitors which were never sold to the home market. Bob Oliver is a member of this forum and he was a part of the company that built and designed these.

    Anyway, unfortunately one of them had a missing woofer and I managed to resolve that. However, over time I discovered it rather difficult to enjoy them at home - while very good sounding, the difference in recording quality was so apparent that it made me decide my music listening based on what sounded good versus what I wanted to hear. This made me decide to let them go, it was not the listening experience I was after. I actually ended up selling them back to Bob Oliver and Mr. Gillespie, which was a fun experience in of itself. Though I am likely to never find another pair, it was a fun experience and I enjoyed the ride.

    The second one revolves around the current speakers I have, Altec Model 18s. I was browsing Kijiji and lo and behold, a pair of Altec Lansings appeared for sale! Judging from my first story above, you can tell I wanted a pair, and the Model 18s are not only rare, but hold the coveted 604 driver. For a first foray into Altec, I thought this is perfect. I made arrangements and picked them up the same day.

    Though they came with some serious problems, such as the diaphragms and cones were mismatched, there were enough bones there to make a good pair of speakers. I contacted GPA and ordered two recone kits as well as two new diaphragms, and had my local speaker repair guru do all the work. The rest is history - for a good amount less than what you might pay for a pair of these in perfect working order, I now have a pair of Altec 604s. This would not have been possible for me if the original price of admission wasn't what it was, so I consider it a lifetime score. I still have them and, I love them a great deal. They are great to listen to.
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  20. byoungman1

    byoungman1 AK-47 Subscriber Subscriber

    State Capital, NV
    A few highlights of my more epic scroes:

    -Garrard 301 for $20
    -McIntosh MC225 for $75
    -JBL C50 Olympus speakers with the matching Delphi component console (containing an Empire 398, two Fisher 30A power amps, JBL SG520 preamp, Fisher FM-200 tuner, and Sony R2R), all for $700.
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