Scored a Pioneer pl630...only there's a prob

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by SteveMurphy, May 19, 2017.

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    I got a pl-630 today that has a Shure M44E cartridge with a slightly bent stylus. The 630 is in amazing shape and all operations are functional. The lift, swing to the album, and drop are very smooth and nice to watch. The return trip to the arm rest, however, is a little bumpy on the way back and just makes it to the rest. Looks like it needs to travel another 1/3" before its all the way back in the rest.

    Sounds ok with the bent shure stylus, but I want to compare it to my Technics SL1401 (I'm only keeping one of these) so I put a low mileage Grado Blue in it. I've downloaded the manual and read it over. I don't have the sub-weight that originally came with the unit (EBay?). I set the proper position of the Grado cartridge, levelled the table, I go on to set the proper down force. HERE'S the problem. I can't adjust the counter-weight. It appears to be stuck/glued onto the shaft. When I make the attempt at rotating the counter-weight, it turns the shaft with it...all the way thru the weight scale indicator and into the arm gymbal. When I turn the weight, it makes a spring popping noise and wants to snap back against the direction I'm turning.

    My impression is that I need to clamp down on the tube with some pliers (with a soft cloth keeping scratches off it) and try to free the counter weight that is stuck on.

    Maybe some grime/dirt has locked it tight (wd40?).

    I just don't want to break anything. Can someone with expertise in this table give me some pointers to move forward. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    I have to say, this table looks very nice with rest of my Pioneer Spec system.

    Chico, CA

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    Yes it looks very nice. Love the look of having a meter. However you should never put anything on top of your receiver that blocks the heat vents. It could cause the receiver to over heat and shorten the life of the components. The heat won't do your turntable any good either.
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    Yeah, that's not where the turntable will end up. Im comparing two tables right now.

    Anyway, I tried deoxit (read another post where this was successful at loosen it.) No luck for me.

    Any other ideas?
  4. SteveMurphy

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    Ok. I hit it with a hair dryer for about a minute and it came right off. Shaft has yellowish sticky film all over it - probably the same (its hard to see) inside the counter weight as well. I'll clean all surfaces and then use some oil to lubricate. Back in business!
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