Seeking Onkyo TX-7000 Owner's Manual

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by motorcityguy, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. motorcityguy

    motorcityguy New Member

    Needed it like a hole in the head, but didn't let that stop me from picking up a pretty nice Onkyo TX-7000 today. It is an "almost" one-owner unit, having come from an enthusiast that acquired it recently from the long-time original owner.

    Despite being "only" 90wpc, it's my understanding it was Onkyo's TOTL receiver model in 1980. Seems to be a lot of love for these on AK. Build quality looks really good, although I'm disappointed to see a TOTL unit like this with a vinyl-covered metal case.

    I was surprised that Hifi Engine had only a service manual available. I was hoping to also find an owner's manual, so I could study-up on how the fancy quartz-lock tuning is supposed to operate, and what all the buttons are for! I even checked for owner's manual on the next lower model, TX-5000, but Hifi Engine also had no service manual posted for that one.

    Anyone have a TX-7000 owner's manual they can scan and share?


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  2. rkgren1

    rkgren1 Super Member

    Yorktown, VA
    I have a TX-3000, and it is an outstanding receiver.
    If yours is in a good state of repair, I bet that you will really like it.
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