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Discussion in 'Music Streaming' started by The Shocker, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. The Shocker

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    Hello all, new member here. I was there was a thread on streaming and thought I would point out that you can host your own streaming service. There are two different products I use:



    These programs will give you a web interface to play music, or you can install any number of Subsonic clients on your phone or PC and stream to your hearts content out of your house to your phone at work or on the bus.

    You can also transcode on the fly. So, you have a library full of FLACs. Either product can convert on the fly to MP3, AAC or any other lossy codec and send the much smaller file to your phone, so it doesn't kill your data usage.

    Not affiliated with either product. Just a huge fan.


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  2. awdiofile

    awdiofile New Member

    Pasadena, California USA
    @The Shocker, how do these two services compare?

  3. The Shocker

    The Shocker Active Member

    Ampache is kind of in a lull in it's development now. Subsonic is still in very active development, but it does cost $12.00 a year to enable mobile support. The Ampache API has very little support. But ampache does support the Subsonic API, so you can use Subsonic clients with Ampache.

    One issue Ampache has is that it treats each disc of a multi-disc albums as a separate albums. The developers of the app are aware of the issue, but simply don't have time to fix it.

    So, for right now, if you can afford $12/year, I think Subsonic is the way to go.
  4. audiomagnate

    audiomagnate Addicted Member

    I use BubbleUPnP, Twonky and Chromecast to steam my music from my PC and the cloud. I use One Drive for cloud storage. Other cloud storage services downrez the files to 16 bit or worse.
  5. devoid

    devoid NA Volvos and Amplifiers

    upstate NY
    Perhaps VLC. Does a whole lot more than just playback.

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