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Sennheiser HD424 Headphones today . . .

Discussion in 'Headphones' started by tubeboob, May 14, 2011.

  1. pmsummer

    pmsummer simul justus et peccator

    Been listening to my HD-424 'phones since 1973. Just installed my third pair of cushions.

    BTW: B&H Photo sells the pads for $6 a pair. Because they are sealed in airtight bags, I just bought two extra pair and stored them in a cool dark place. Probably a lifetime supply.
  2. acacia

    acacia New Member

    I still use the HD 424. I have looked in vain for a review / comparison between them and Sennheiser's latest offerings without success.

    So, I wonder how they compare against, say, the HD 800 ?
  3. enginedr

    enginedr Well-Known Member

    I brought my 424s with me to last years NY audio show to compare them with other phones in the $ 500.00 range . After that I decided to stick to my trusty 424s I had
    Since 1978 . One thing I can say is they are very comfortable . If I want better I have
    To spend in the $ 800.00 range
  4. halnwheels

    halnwheels New Member

    I'm also an original owner of the 424, and on my third set of ear pads. My last set seemed to dissolve rather prematurely. I play through my various vintage equipment when I need to avoid disturbing my family. I've got no reason to replace them.
  5. MFGuy

    MFGuy New Member

    You've inspired me to refoam my 424's.
    pmsummer likes this.
  6. MFGuy

    MFGuy New Member

    Got the foams today and I'm in heaven. Why can't they make foams that last? Sennheiser, are you listening???
  7. pmsummer

    pmsummer simul justus et peccator

    Germans like real rubber, as opposed to synthetics. Just ask any BMW, Porsche, Mercedes owner (throw in Audi, VW and MINI).

    Real rubber seems to be more acoustically transparent (critical to 'on-ear' designs and speaker facias). Life-span becomes secondary to fidelity.

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