Sgt.Peppers.... too dated?

Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by superdog, Nov 4, 2012.

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    I see the popular thought in the magizines the last 10 or 15 years is to say Revolver & Rubber Soul were better albums but back in the day Peppers was so mind blowing everything before was left in the dust.
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    Make that 3.
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    I've had discussions many times over the years about Beatle music in general. Friends would say "why do you listen to them so much?" Well my answer was always similar. They were basically a pop band according to modern standards, but at the time, much like Hendrix they were experimenting with multi-track recording. Trying to incorporate new twists into their sound. They wanted to go beyond the pop image into a more progressive sound. Sgt. Pepper used many tricks and gimmicks to introduce fans to things that could be done beyond the typical pop tune and with SP. George Martin had much to do with their transformation from pop to psych that started with Revolver and Rubber Soul. Anyway enough rambling, enjoy those you like and keep listening, that's what this hobby in part is about. By the way the White Album is still my favorite even though it wasn't critically acclaimed.
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    All Beatles sound dated and over played to me. They sounded great 40-45 years ago. The thrill is gone.
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    I was turned on to The Beatles about two years after they broke up. I was rather a square at the time, but we played my friend's Hey Jude album (Capitol) all summer long, and it's still my favorite one-disc collection of Beatles songs - now scattered among the "Past Masters" 3-disc set in the boxes.

    In the 80s I helped my girlfriend make a mix tape for her ailing sister. When I put on "All My Loving" ("Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you..."), my girlfriend wondered aloud why bother. But when she went to visit and gave her sister the tape, she reported that her sister perked right up when that song came on, and remarked "They really had it, didn't they?".

    I think the key to overexposure is just to wait awhile, sometimes a long while, admittedly, but if you liked them once, and are not fed a steady diet, you're apt to start tapping your foot and smiling, regardless. I loved it when Lemmy Kilmister said in a Beatles documentary that he "loooved the Beatles. I grew up with them. They're the music of my childhood." Pretty high praise from the main Motorhead, I think.

    I haven't heard the remix yet. I bet I'll like it. But I sure don't like this bit of hype for it:

    “The problem was, 50 years ago, speakers were just a bit… crappy, you know? So things were fairly compressed and limited – because if a record was mixed too loudly, the needle might jump out of the groove! Now that technology’s so much better..." :blah:

    We'll see. Enjoy your Beatles!

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