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Shifted Some Stillpoints In My System

Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by Audiophilehi, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Audiophilehi

    Audiophilehi New Member

    Staten Island, NY
    So I finally sold my VSA VR5-HSE speakers. They were sitting on a Stillpoints Component Stand with original Stillpoints underneath the stand. I also had 4 Stillpoints Ultra Mini's under my PS Audio Power Plant Premier that was sitting on top of an oak platform, and 4 original Stillpoints under my c2500 preamp.

    Now for the shift:

    I took the Component Stand and placed it under the PPP replacing the Ultra Mini's and removing the oak platform. To say there was an improvement would be an understatement.

    Then I replaced the original Stillpoints under the c2500 with the Ultra Mini's. There was some improvement but not nearly as dramatic as the previous move. I then replaced the Ultra Mini's under the c2500 with another Component Stand and original Stillpoints. The improvement was not at dramatic as with the PPP but pretty significant.

    See Pic below for the stand under my c2500.

    So now for my question:

    Where in the current line of Stillpoints would the Component stand sit? IMHO it is much better that the Ultra Mini's.



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