Shipping Bose 601 Series III

Discussion in 'Packing & Shipping' started by danrclem, May 10, 2018.

  1. danrclem

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    I have a pair of Bose 601 Series III speakers that I want to ship and am not sure how to pack them since I haven't ever packed anything to ship before. I'm most definitely going to have them insured. The only Styrofoam that I know to get is the kind sold at Lowes or Home Depot that is used for construction insulation. Will this work and if it's ok how thick should I get. What do you think?

    I called a UPS store to ask about them packing and asked them how they'd do it. The reply was, "probably use peanuts and some bubble wrap." I don't think so

    The dimensions are 13"X12 1/4"X 30."
    They weigh about 37 pounds a piece.



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  2. eizner23

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    Madison, WI
    I've shipped some large Bose 501v1 speakers. Wrap in plastic bag, Wrap in bubble wrap, box with think cardboard, surround box with foam, and box again.

    Uhaul has nice thick boxes.
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