Shipping Large Speakers via Ebay sale

Discussion in 'Packing & Shipping' started by steve65, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. steve65

    steve65 Active Member

    So I have some very large speakers, 200 pounds each at 5'-6" tall that I want to sell on ebay using the freight method. Strap them to some woodpallets I suppose. Any one with some experience or advice doing this?


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  2. sixthday

    sixthday Super Member

    You will need some professional help. For professional, I mean you need to crate these guys for shipping. Then you will need to find freight shipper. Fedex and UPS provide these service but they are far more expensive. I think you should be able to search and find local freight shippers, for example, those who deliver Pianos. They usually also do crate or refer you to the crate service. The cost, of course, will not be cheap.

    Another option, if it is not far away, you may consider rent a van and deliver it yourself. I would if it is 8-10 hours driving. Even with the gas/hotel/rentcar The cost is probably still less than shipping and it is safer.

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