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    There's no "spray and pray" going on here and that sort of generalization tends to further spread the misconception of what an AR really is.

    Sure, a 24" tube on a .308 bolt action will be more accurate, generally, than an 18" barreled .308 in an AR. However, that is a function of tube length, not an inherent defect or failing of the AR platform. And you can build an AR platform that is equal to a bolt action rifle in accuracy easily enough.
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    Well, yes and no. There are a ton of restrictions, but ... They left the door open for rim-fire to be exempt. And CA DOJ really does not like Poly lowers, so I decided to play :)

    I'm building a 22WMR full featured AR with all the stuff they don't want and a poly lower just because :D

    Lot of options discussed in this thread:

    There is also the Franklin Armory fixed mag solution. When used with a Mean Arms speed-loader, it's pretty quick. Not a mag drop quick, but still fairly effective. And, you get to keep all your "features" because it is no longer a removable magazine rifle by CA Regs.

    Of course it's not glued or welded in, so it is removable when out of state. So I think I'll build a 556 one like that too :D

    Pics when I get done building it :)

    And, if you'all want to see what some Cali builders are up to, here's a BIG picture thread with lots of EBR's :D
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    Generally speaking, my experience is that beyond a relatively easy to attain hardware aspect, practical accuracy is more a factor of the rifleman than the rifle.
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    Agreed. Just funnin' a bit. OTOH, after decades of shooting and hunting, I got to the point where I only go afield for deer with a bow or muzzleloader any more, leaving modern firearms in the cabinet. I guess I'm regressing in my old age.:biggrin:
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