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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by SX550, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Danddd

    Danddd AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Wheaton, IL
    Nice build. I have Dura Ace 7700 grupo on my Ti road bike. I love how fast and crisp it shifts.


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  2. Mitkraft

    Mitkraft Super Member

    Thanks! Yeah, it is crisp now that I’ve got it all dialed in. I upgraded from a 3x7 Tourney group to the 2x10 DA. At the moment I do miss the granny gear though but I’m hoping that goes away as I get stronger. I thought I was going to miss the silly little downshift trigger in the top side of the Tourney but the new ones are so smooth and the up and down are very easy from the hoods and drops.
  3. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    Putting this one back together to flip, Japanese Schwinn Le Tour, 25" frame. Still needs tires & bar tape but it is in good overall condition -


    This one went out last fall, Univega Viva Sport. Still had the original bar tape and nearly mint overall -


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