Simple solution for those Pioneer speaker terminals

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by ranukic, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. ranukic

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    I found these crimp style male spade connectors at my local electronics supplier.
    1. I used a sheetrock knife and pressed through the plastic on one side and then the other. I first tried cutting it all the way around but later found this to make a nice clean cut.
    2. Next I used a tin snips to cut the spade down to about 1/4" wide.
    3. Next I used the sheetrock knife to spread the remaining spade to assure connection on both sides within the Pioneer terminal.

    Check out the pictures and I hope it helps someone out.

    2017-09-10 12.33.44.jpg 2017-09-10 12.34.01.jpg 2017-09-10 12.34.36.jpg 2017-09-10 12.34.51.jpg 2017-09-10 12.35.02.jpg 2017-09-10 12.35.54.jpg 2017-09-10 12.36.24.jpg 2017-09-10 12.36.51.jpg 2017-09-10 12.37.26.jpg 2017-09-10 12.38.09.jpg


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  2. gadget73

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    Southern NJ
    I removed those things from mine and installed a pair of inexpensive double binding posts. A small flat filed on the binding's raised boss inside post made it fit perfectly inside the original cutout, so there is no cutting on the cabinet and the posts sit nicely in the cutout.

    it was one like that. You can see the raised pieces meant to insulate the posts from the hole they pass through. Thats what I filed the flat on.
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  3. Oldsansui441

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    Victoria, Australia
    Thank you for sharing :thumbsup:.
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