Skyrim Very Special Edition, a Game for The Echo, I can get into this.

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by transmaster, Jun 12, 2018.

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    For those of you with an Echo load the skill Skyrim, Very Special Edition. It is a game for the mind. It starts out with you making choices and those choices dictate the direction you move in the landscape. I warn don’t expect to get anything done.

    Here is a howler of a Youtube “trailer” for Skyrim.
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    I did enjoy that segment from the Bethesda press conference (watched it on a stream, was not actually at E3). A good way to poke fun of the fact that they have been porting that game to almost every platform.

    Same with their B.E.T.A. for Fallout 76 (Break-it Early Testing Apparatus) as they admit that 'making online games is hard', and also 'they read on the internet that their games sometimes have issues at launch and since it was on the internet it must be true'. (For those not familiar with Bethesda, they make good games but they are notoriously problematic when they launch and generally take a couple months of fixing before they are good).
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