so how much is a pair of Leak Sandwich speakers worth anyway?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Bauhausler, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Bauhausler

    Bauhausler Rational Subjectivist

    Detroit, more or less
    Here's a beauty shot of these speakers. I just finished going over the veneer and oiling them. They're Leak Sandwich 2-ways from 1967. In pretty good shape, and I just replaced all of the xovr caps. They sound really nice, with a particularly clear mid and lots of presence, which I like. Bass extension is not their strong suit, but it's very well controlled. Probably not great HF extension, either, due to the tweet cone being about 2.5".
    I have refurbished these for a partner and they're supposed to go on eBay. I'm not sure that's a good idea because of their size/weight. Bids might be low due to shipping cost.
    I have been unable to estimate a probable sale price due to lack of info. Anybody willing to take a shot at it?


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  2. bolly

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    CFB Borden
    There's some on ebay's completed auctions right now...

    Manufacture Years: 1968 - 1972
    Additional Information:
    MSRP: $400.00
    USED: $65.00
    Mint: $37.00
    Average: $22.00
  3. Rob

    Rob Super Member

    So what's the deal? Are you supposed to listen to them while taking a leak, or eating a sandwhich? :p:

    Sorry, that was a question that just BEGGED asking. ;)
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  4. Bauhausler

    Bauhausler Rational Subjectivist

    Detroit, more or less
    Oh, very amusing Rob. Leave it to you to sustain the high tone that AK is known for;)
    Seriously, the company is (was?) H. J. Leak & co., ltd
    Brunel Road, Westway Factory Estate, London W2. I have the original instruction sheets, which are pretty interesting. The 'Sandwich' name comes from the method of construction of the driver cones. The woofer cone is constructed of a 1cm thick 'core' of styrofoam with a thin aluminum foil backing and facing. They look really cool and are extremely strong. The company's ads often featured a grown man standing on a board supported only by a woofer cone. Can't do that with a paper cone. The tweeter cone is similarly constructed, but of thinner styro. I have scanned the sheets and can email the scans if anyone's curious.
    I don't think they're worth very much any more. It's a shame, since they incorporate some interesting technology that was ahead of its time for the '60s. For instance, a threaded rod is fixed to the back of the woofer. This rod goes through a wood block that has the xovr components on it. It ends at a hole in the back panel where a slotted bushing screws over it, tensioning the front and back panels of the cabinet together. A smart way to get more rigidity without more weight.
    Incidentally, the Sandwich 2 cited above by Bolly is a 3-way design. These are 2-ways.
    The tweeter is mounted on the grille panel and m=not on the front baffle board as usual practice. I'm not sure what they were up to with that except maybe keeping the tweeter cone out of the woofer's pressure waves to avoid intermodulation. Anyway. it's a pain because the tweeter lead is only 12" long and is soldered to the driver, making the grille heavy and captive.
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  5. Grumpy

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    From what I gathered from the below links they are some what rare in the states. Seems there were two and three way versions of these. Looks like the 3 ways sell for about 50 to 80 pounds in the UK.

    Course all it takes is some Brit audio gear nuts in the states and its yank the gloves off time on Epay. Good luck and hope this helps.

    These have prices for Leak gear sold over seas and may be of some help to you

    He seems to think they might be pretty nice

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