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Discussion in 'Regional Clubs' started by Broncoblair, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Broncoblair

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    Anyone in the LA area ? Where do you go for your home audio needs? Are there any swap meets in LA ? I'd love to meet some other AK members ! Im located in Hollywood.
  2. SoCal Sam

    SoCal Sam Lunatic Member

    It's been years since I hunted gear... Try Roadium swap meet in Redondo Beach. Monday morning is the only day gear is available from weekend garage sales. Used to pulled a fair amount of stuff there. Don't know now. You will need to get there at zero dark to meet the vendors as they unload. Best gear and deals are usually gone in the first hour.
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  3. Trojan4Life

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    There's a swap meet the first weekend of every month at Pasadena City College. Usually a lot of LPs...

    For home audio, I go to Audio Element, also in Pasadena. I have no affiliation with them, I just like their attitude. They can help you with $100k+ Wilson Audio speakers and everything in between, treat everyone the same, whether you're wearing a suit or shorts.

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