Solid State and Tube Listener Challenge

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by sheltie dave, Feb 20, 2010.

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    I had the chance to be invited over to a dinner party. Friend of a friend deal a few years back and the fellow had a nice "den" now today we call them man caves, anyway he had several sets of speakers and some nice audio gear.

    I had not heard the Bozaks you mentioned and he had a pair along with some Klipsch Belles. I expected the Klipsch to walk away with the sound. the Bozaks faired very well in presentation and also did a nice job with imaging. The Klipsch Belles did have some small advantage due to the efficiency and it might have affected the demo as he had to ride the volume control a bit when switching back and forth. It was a fun time after the otherwise 4th of July get together. It was the 4th but the dinner party wasn't just hotdogs and hamburgers it was sit-down for ribs and steak.

    The test was done with a reasonable McIntosh SS set up 2105 amp I think he had a pair with the rest being Mac as well. I didn't get too excited over the gear as I have Mac before and sold off my set up to get Accuphase. I have heard some nice Mac systems but I never had any luck with the SS systems I owned and tried.The bottom line was the experience to hear a set of Bozaks that I had only heard mentioned from older friends was a treat and if I ever find a working set I will give them serious consideration based upon that one evening. The few times I had heard Bozaks in the past they were either not working at peak or were paired with less than proper gear leading to their less than stellar sound. Together with a good audio chain and the drivers/cross-overs in working order a set of Bozaks would be an excellent set of speakers to own.

    Thanks for the chance to relate that experience your post and the up coming 4th just brought back that pleasant memory. He played a range of music some Phil Collins, Moody Blues and I think some early Pink Floyd. The funny thing was if you knew this fellow in the work a day world you would put him into the Classical or perhaps adult contemporary vein and not a classic rock sort of guy. He just came over as a bit to bland during the initial hour or so and interaction in business he was very direct and to the point so no tells there either. I knew him vaguely from associates in a business arena. Nice enough and polite just not to engaging in the regular everyday work arena. After visiting with him that changed and we have caught up a few times in the past 5-6 years.

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    After a spell without the AR3As hooked up, we installed the Juicy Music Blueberry preamp, the Opera Consonance 211 monoblocs, and the AR 3As into the main system for a listen with five friends tomorrow.

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    It is a lot of fun years ago participated in the same thing was able to try a couple of my favorite songs, back then the format was 45's. What I saw was one amp seemed to stand out playing rock n roll while another was better at softer music. We also realized there was so many factors that affected music reproduction, room size ,shape, decoration, solid or soft walls etc. etc. Then add in a little bit of bias tube versus transistor or brand loyality it all adds up.
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    In my capacity as a string principal in a Canadian orchestra, I have to listen to auditioning musicians. As per the bylaws of the American [now Canadian] Federation of Musicians, at least the first round has to be "blind" (the candidates play behind a screen, and are not allowed to say anything. When you hear heels, you usually know the gender - except LGBTQ is really becoming mainstream. But I digress...).

    One thing I have noticed is that the last candidate has the highest probability of winning. Barring the last audition being a bad performance, or the candidate being flat out below an acceptable professional standard, behind the screen being last is a positive.

    I think it's due to a few factors. One is it is most vivid to recall when the committee discusses the round and about to vote, and another is the panel is intimately familiar with the audition excerpts by then. You might think we would be more critical by the end, but people are inherently decent and I think we actually become more forgiving, after hearing dozens of candidates make some sort of mistake. And we are all happy the end is near, when the last candidate plays, so we listen with a much more positive mind frame.

    All of this is to say: could you send the three song selections to everybody who is attending, so they can become intimately familiar with the recordings on their own system, so they have a base frame of reference? And be wary of favouring the last candidate!

    Any tube/SS listening challenges coming up?
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    What I thought when I saw the thread title: there are so many variables! Impossible to manage them all, but can be fun trying.

    In design school everyone dreaded going first at a crit. First person up invariably got trashed, because all the critics were fresh & loaded for bear. Also reminds me of a study showing that defendants got off easiest early in the morning or right after lunch. All about the judge's mood swings.

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