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Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by mchriste, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. mchriste

    mchriste Active Member

    Old Dominion
    for the past 7 weeks or so I’ve been listening to my DCM TF600 powered by a great condition original Pioneer SA 8500 II, I grew to like it, especially it’s looks and build quality. Well I never planned on keeping it in my main system and I sold it, and put my AU 217 back into service. Wow, it sounds so much more dynamic, and fun to listen to, my wife even noticed she describes it as “more clear”. I just love this amp and haven’t brought anything into my stable that can do what it does better. How can it’s 30 or so what’s per channel make that pioneer or the SX 1050 I had for a while sound kind of bland and weak?
    I don’t mean to bash those Pioneers, I really enjoyed having them around and love the way they look, and those solid aluminum volume knobs... but man they don’t cut the mustard where it counts. I guess I need to get my hands on a more powerful AU X17 to impress me?
    Just wanted to share
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  2. Hyperion

    Hyperion Roobarb & Custard Subscriber

    Hertfordshire, UK
    Maybe you should :)

    But the two units you mention are no slouches by any means, (especially if they have been restored), and normally wouldn't be bested by an AU-217 (good as it is), unless there is a distinct synergy effect in play here, enjoy it while it lasts - hopefully a long time. ;)
  3. sansui 74

    sansui 74 Active Member

    Seattle Wash
    Do not adjust your set for you have entered the Sansui zone !!!
    Haven’t listened to a AU-217 before but if its any thing like my Au-555A they are great little units enjoy and over time collect other Sansui models and you will be blown away on the quality and depth of sound. Ken
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  4. playittwice

    playittwice AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Dubuque Iowa
    I have the 8500II also, finished up a complete restoration on it about 3 months ago and have been listening to it regularly. it really sounds good with articulate, detailed highs and great separation. When I switch back to my Sansui's though, I can tell whats missing immediately. Better mids and just a better full-range sound. I cant say I like one better than the other, they are just different. Perhaps it is the Sansui Zone! Both are keepers to me. Its nice to have a variety of different brands to hear what they are like. Also you may be listening to some tired c omponents if it has not been freshened up. IMO/E.
  5. mchriste

    mchriste Active Member

    Old Dominion
    You guys are right. Admittedly the amps I compared it to were unrestored and likely could use new caps. (Though they did adjust perfectly as per the tech pub) BUT my AU 217 is also unrestored. I must be in the zone! Turning into a fan boy.
  6. Leestereo

    Leestereo Super Member

    Ottawa, ON
    IMO, the AU-217's sound is greatly influenced/enhanced by its use of a passive preamplifier stage; the tone controls are actually within the feedback loop of the power amplifier stage. I have almost completed the restoration/upgrade of mine: it is a proof-of-concept exercise to see how good this modestly powered integrated can sound.


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  7. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    Get an AU-X701 or the more powerful AU-X901. :thumbsup: (Same sound quality).


    Done deal. :beerchug:
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  8. jd-audio

    jd-audio Active Member

    I really like the x17 series for their looks and sound (I own the 117/217/317 and 517)
    The AU-217 allways makes me smile: It is a very pleasant sounding amp with great looks, very affordable, reliable and easy to work on (if needed).
    To be honest I would be perfectly happy if this was my only amp.

    If only a bit more power is needed, the AU-317 is a logical upgrade: Probably the best balanced amp (looks, usability, sound) of the 117-717 series.
    Be aware that all amps above 217 can't play at a very low volume level (the first "step" of there stepped volume pot can be a bit loud with efficient speakers).
    And as the 317 and up use a different amp design, there can be a slight difference in sound (depending on you preferences not especially for the better).

    I use an 200W Sansui B-2101 in my main system to drive some power-hungry speakers.
    Formerly I used an AU-517 in this setup (sounded fine), but these particular speakers simply sound better with a lot of watts.
    I also have several secondary systems, from wich I use the AU-217 most often (the 317 and 517 systems I use less).

    have fun
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  9. RMS 330

    RMS 330 Member

  10. RMS 330

    RMS 330 Member

    I was about to start a new thread, but this is pretty much my own sentiments. Love my vintage audio, but have always been a Technics guy. Had my SA-500 for a very long time. Quite enjoyable, very satisfied with several different speaker combos.
    Pulled out the old Realistic STA-2270. Gets the job done. Powerful 65wpc. Wanted something more though.
    Bought a HK 795i. Nice. 70wpc. Clear and clean. Gave it to my daughter, she loves it. Wasn't for me. Still longing for more.
    Found a Realistic STA-2100 at an estate sale. Sweet. Powerful. Sounds great. 120wpc. Even got a pair of KLH-20 speakers to pair with my mediocre Pioneer and Technics speakers. Pretty happy with it.
    Then I see a CL ad for a Sansui 771. Real pretty so I grabbed it (after promising the wife "this is the last one for sure") for $75.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Hooked it up to an old JVC TT and my mediocre [​IMG] pioneer speakers. Thru on a J Geils album and sat down to listen.
    INCREDIBLE! Is the only word that kept running thru my head. The highs coming thru the tweeters, Peter Wolfs voice like he is in the room. Finished the album and put on another, CSNY So Far. The harmonizing, the picking on the acoustic and electric guitar. WOW.
    Nothing special about my receiver. Right? 40wpc. Not close to TOTL.
    Must be something special about the Sansui. Tell me this is what all you Sansui guys have been bragging about for 40 years and the rest of us never got it.
    I must know more!!!!!
  11. Sansuiman

    Sansuiman Active Member

    St. Louis, Missouri
    ^^^Gentlemen, we have ourselves a convert. I'm hard pressed to describe in words exactly what makes Sansui sound like it does. Their signature sound does change a bit over time from the 60's tube gear to the end of the line 1999/2000 era ultra high end integrateds and power amps. I wish there was a scientific and objective means of quantifying what imparts that Sansui sound, but for now it just has to be something one experiences by listening to it.

    I have always found Sansui gear just had "it", the sound that appealed to me like no other. I've dabbled in some fairly high end Pioneer, Kenwood, Technics and a few others here and there. They all sounded good (I'll not bash other well regarded makes even if they weren't quite what I prefer) but Sansui was always the outfit that captured and held my respect and admiration long term for the sound, and secondarily for the looks and build quality of their kit.

    The 771 (and related models of that series) are in a sweet spot inasmuch as their state of technical development. They are very well built, have the same basic amplifier design as the later 8080/9090 series receivers just with less output power, and while not as aesthetically flashy as the 8080/9090, they are classy looking units. A bonus (at least in some instances) is that they are normal size, not the outsize beasts that roamed the land after the horsepower wars got underway.

    These were among the last Sansui feature green dial lighting on a black background as well. Some quad models (qrx-5500/7500 continued with this until blue on black took over the whole line about 1976/77. They pack a punch without busting the budget as the larger models do nowadays, so a 771 is nothing at all to sneeze at.

    Anyway, welcome aboard. Do be aware, however, that this could be the start of an obsession that will not be easily overcome. Chasing that next Sansui score has a way of becoming ones focus once the magic takes hold.
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  12. RMS 330

    RMS 330 Member

    Thanks for the reply and brief history Sansuiman. I am not a convert "yet". I have not owned a Marantz and I want to try them all.
    After playing my 771 for a couple days now, I have encountered a few problems. NOT with the sound, but it has a low hum with no volume and I get popping thru the speakers.
    Where should I open up a thread to get some advice. I won' hook up better speakers till I find out the reason for this (sometimes loud) popping
  13. rickb119

    rickb119 AK Subscriber Subscriber


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