Sony CDP-C77ES

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by MitsuMan, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. MitsuMan

    MitsuMan Super Member

    Picked up one of these over the holidays, and it has replaced my Denon 280 carousel. No surprise that the build quality was good, as was with most of the earlier ES gear from Sony. Gotta love wooden side panels like much of the older gear. :thmbsp: Initial impression is it is way more analog sounding than the Denon. Much more detailed imaging and not as harsh sounding as the Denon. Very pleased with this unit and just thought I'd share. :banana:



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  2. nbourbaki

    nbourbaki Active Member

    Love those sideburns on the older Sonys. I'm not familar with your model but I really like the sound from the four Sony CDPs that I have. Enjoy!
  3. Urizen

    Urizen Lunatic Member

    Sweet player, and if you ever need to upgrade the sound, all you need is a newer DAC.

  4. Brad Muller

    Brad Muller Super Member

    Vancouver, Wa
    Nice find! I'm fond of some of the Sony ES players as well. I have two C69ES and one C77ES. The 69's are bullet proof and have never had a problem.:yes: Brad
  5. dinglebeer

    dinglebeer Active Member

    Victoria, B.C
    Nice, I just picked up a C77Es from Salvation Army tonight. I googled it and found a couple on Ebay, but other than a vague value point couldn't find too much about it. When I saw the ES in the model number I knew I should grab it. Kind of heavy too, especially compared to newer players.
  6. tojohndillon

    tojohndillon New Member

    You guys see the C69ES for sales on Audiogon? WITH remote!
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  7. vincei

    vincei aka MasterControlMedia

    Montreal, Canada
    Those changers are great IMO, I had a C79ES and it sounded great, even though the converters were ancient by today's standards. If you can pick one up cheap, I recommend them, if you can get a CDP-C89ES or "8" series changer, grab it.
  8. sloober

    sloober Super Member

    Well I'll be. Just found a CDP-C87ES (same as 77ES) at Goodwill. Was $12 but I tried a CD there and it didn't work so I passed. Kept thinking about it and went back to get it. Just needed a lens cleaning and a little adjustment to the clamping mechanism. Sounds good, but better through my Cary DAC. Very nice build and I can't believe it is 19 years old. I was using a newer Sony changer but SACD stopped working. Not built anywhere as nice. John
  9. niles300z

    niles300z Active Member

    77es here. Certainly built pretty well. May be 5 lbs lighter without the side panels.
    Changers are always a bit clunkier and works against my simple is better theory, but some do sound nice as did my adcom changer.
    Soundwise i guess im having a hard time finding fault. It does sound pretty quiet and images pretty well. May not be real punchy.
    Thanks to the optical out i can utilize a digital preamp for a newer dac if needed. There are some cool features like the thorough remote and the variable out if you dont have a preamp but i dont think it sounds quite as good used that way.Overall above average players to me, most have proved to be pretty reliable as well and im just talking about the non top of the line not the x series which i hear are better.
  10. bimasta

    bimasta Super Member

    I had the 77ES about 15 years ago. Incredibly impressive build quality and gorgeous design. As for SQ, it really was "Perfect Sound Forever." But for me, not Music. Vivaldi wasn't very different from Bach, and Billie Holiday didn't have the blues...
  11. marysdad

    marysdad Member

    No. California
    I love the sound from my CDP-C85ES player.


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