Sony CDP-X55ES no optical out...

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by zxryder93, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. zxryder93

    zxryder93 New Member

    I picked up one of these, this seems to be the only functional issue. Sounds fantastic over analog out and headphones but no red light from the optical out. I'm hoping it's a fairly simple issue, maybe optical board, since everything else works. Any advice on what to check would be appreciated.

    Also, I'm wondering the best way to lubricate the drive. What would be the best kind of oil/grease and where would I apply it? Checked the service manual and didn't find anything. Drawer works fine but seems like maybe it should be quieter as it slides in and out. Thanks a lot for any input!


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  2. orsen

    orsen just another old cheapskate that likes audio Subscriber

    i think you can only use optical or analog not both
    you also lose some functions if using optical
  3. zxryder93

    zxryder93 New Member

    I took a look at the small optical board with the Toslink jack, jack was loose. Three pins on it, the solder had broken off the two outer pins and they were loose, but the center pin had broken off inside the connector. Ordered a replacement "Toslink transmitter module" (the optical jack). Original is a Sharp part, couldn't find the exact one, but got another with similar specs. Hopefully that will do it.

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