Sony HP-610A refurb project

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Montycat, Jun 18, 2017.

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    I like fixing stuff up. It gives me great pleasure to bring something back to life, though sometimes it can be a bit frustrating. It can seem like a waste of time and money at times, but it does keep me off the street so is usually worth it.

    With that in mind I bought this Sony HP-610A at the VV the other day.


    It was $30. When I first tested it it worked, kind of. However in removing the turntable, a Dual 1211, to have a look inside I shorted the suspension foot on the power supply cap and blew the fuse. Easy to fix that though it is a soldered in fuse.

    The top is kind of nasty but otherwise it looks pretty decent and is more or less all there.

    [​IMG]SONY HP610A by Buhduh, on Flickr

    There is no counterweight or headshell but it being a Dual 1211 is nothing special anyway plus I had a 1218 in the garage and have several sleds. It does at least have both spindles.

    The power switch has an On and an Auto/Off position. It actually did not turn off in that position and it is related to the turntable function so that when the record finishes it can shut the system off. That wiring I should be able to transpose to the 1218. I also had to remove the "stand" and RCA cable bracket in order to drop in the 1218. Other than that it goes straight in.

    [​IMG]Sony HP-610A by Buhduh, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Dual 1211 in the Sony by Buhduh, on Flickr

    You can see how close to the capacitor the suspension at the top left is.

    [​IMG]Sony HP-610A inside by Buhduh, on Flickr

    The blue wires and switch that I might have to move to the 1218 to have the Auto/Off switch work.

    [​IMG]custom wiring Sony HP-610A by Buhduh, on Flickr

    And the 1218 set in place.

    [​IMG]Dual 1218 in the Sony HP-610A by Buhduh, on Flickr

    Anyway, I'll be working on those over the next little while and see how it goes. I don't expect miracles but I think I can spruce it up nicely.
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    These were lovely little 'compact stereos', as they were referred to back in the 70s. The Duals were quite nice, too, even though they did not have the same features as the normal Dual TT's imported directly to the US by United Audio.

    Also, recap the receiver and you'll have a nice system to pair with a nice set of KLH or AR speakers. It makes a nice den or study system.


  3. KentTeffeteller

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    Your Dual 1211 counterweight is not missing.. That model does not have one per se, has a spring for tracking force. The Dual 1218 you installed is a major upgrade. Also, I'd lay off AR (save for very efficient models like the 4 or KLH unless similar, avoid 4 ohm loads). This is barely 10-15 Watts RMS into 8 ohms. It is among the best compacts sold in the USA.
  4. Montycat

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    Spring loaded, eh? That makes sense. Their is barely enough room inside the cover for the weight on the 1218 and the back end of the 1211 arm is different looking. I'll probably put the 1211 back until I get the other parts in order than so I don't "waste" the 1218 if I can't get the rest working well.

  5. Blue Shadow

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    Leave it to Kent to know the turntable.

    ADS has some efficient models. low to mid-90dB numbers for their speakers. Probably work well with that unit.
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    What a trip, there is one on my local CL. The wood looks really nice, sadly they want way too much for it.
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    I soldered in a fuse holder to the wire wrap pins to which the original fuse was directly soldered so it's easy now to change the 2 amp fuse. Cleaned up the face today too and started on the top. It looks great with a full complement of original bulbs and worked well on AM & FM.

    [​IMG]Sony HP-610A cleaned up by Buhduh, on Flickr
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