Sony PlayStation 1 - Interesting

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by Five1945, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Poultrygeist

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    It's no surprise that folks have been gushing over the PS1 for years. To my ears it's as good as the multitude of reviewers say it is. None of that edginess or digititus sound that you get from many well respected players. In the Stereophile review it is said to be more engaging than Sony's own SCD-777ES. On red book my 5501 is right up there with the Marantz SA8004. Finding a good one after all these years can be tricky.
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  2. corbin

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    I have one, it sounds a lot more pleasant than my DAC, an EMU 0202 USB (Creative USB DAC for production/mixing).

    My system is very modest and I don't have much exposure to modern high end equipment. But if this is what people talk about when they talk about musicality, separation, naturalness, smooth highs, etc., then I'm all for it.
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