sony ps-lx2

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Sultan swing, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. hakaplan

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    It's more than a small step up. Often these models are mistakenly (IMO) dismissed as junk. It's direct drive with a low mass arm, not a clunky idler changer from 15 years prior. It may not be as substantial as the earlier s-arm models, nor may it win awards, but it is considerably superior to a BSR.

    I was at Sears Hardware yesterday and they also have a section where they carry every screw. In fact, it looks more comprehensive than the section at Ace.


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  2. fastbike

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    I have a PS-LX2 in my collection and I agree with Howard. It's a 6 kilo table and is pretty substantial. I also don't see why one would consider the arm "cheesy". The arm and bearing are certainly not significantly functionally different from any Dual I own or have seen. Like many tables, it could benefit from some additional damping, but very usable stock and unrestored.
  3. markshan

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    Thanks for the input guys. As always you are quite helpful.
  4. gargunza

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    Pro-Ject Poor.

    I just got rid of mine and bought a second hand Technics SL1210 mk2.
    I had a Pro-ject debut III Special edition.
    They have a lot of faults; Steel platter, rings like a bell - Motor noise - not loud but unacceptable - Runs slightly faster than true speed - Motor looks very Heath Robinson. It looks quite pretty though!

    On the other hand the Technics is a superbly built turntable, it inspires confidence, and sounds rock solid.

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