Sony ST-5000FW repairs

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by CVElectronic, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. CVElectronic

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    A friend of mine asked me to take a look at his Sony ST-5000FW tuner that wouldn't power on after being in storage for many years. The power switch was oxidized, and after two cleaning runs, I got it powering on reliably.

    According to the meters, reception is strong, but audio output does not sound very good. The output level seems low, and it's thin with very little bass.

    I'm not sure if I want to take on this repair professionally or send it to a tuner specialist. I have fixed several FM tube tuners of my own before (Scott, Sherwood, Lafayette) with good results, although I do not own the equipment needed to do alignment. In the past, I knew someone who would do alignments when I was done with the rest of it, but I've moved across the country since then.

    From what I've read on these, it appears to be an early unit with a brown plastic power knob, two round knobs on front, and one rotary Mono/Auto/Stereo switch.

    What are the odds that replacing the electrolytic caps in the audio output section would solve this problem? That wouldn't be hard, but I don't know how challenging this tuner tends to be to work on.


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  2. KiM3Ce

    KiM3Ce AK Subscriber Subscriber

    If you are not in a hurry, AK member PunkerX is an accomplished tuner guy but I'm sure he has a backlog. Depending on your location we can probably recommend some alternatives. For a rare and highly regarded tuner like this, it's probably worth involving an expert. After years of storage an alignment would almost certainly be indicated.
  3. CVElectronic

    CVElectronic New Member

    I have a backlog, too, but of gear where I have a pretty good idea of what's wrong and what will be necessary to fix it. I have no problem handing it off to someone else who can do the job more efficiently.

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