Soundmotor: The first negative feedback I have ever posted

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Ballylongford, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Short story:

    After 8 email exchanges back and forth about an item I had listed FS on BT Non-Audio, @soundmotor committed to buy and asked for my PP info; I provided it.

    Almost 2 weeks later, no payment. Not someone I would do business with.

    Some back history:

    I posted an old sword on BT with pictures.

    @soundmotor initiated a conversation asking for more info, more pictures, etc.

    I provided as much info as I could at that time and let him know there would be a delay in providing the pictures he requested.

    He committed to buy before I could get the the pictures; he asked for my PP info, etc.

    I marked the item sold.

    No payment received.

    Time passed: I reached out to the great and powerful Mods to re-start the ad.

    More time passed: @soundmotor came back with more questions,about the ad, about the shipping, about the item but no payment and no explanation.

    There have been over a dozen exchanges since: no payment.

    Today he wants to know if I am willing to sell him the sword.

    Anybody see those flying pigs overhead this morning?

    @soundmotor has been a member since 2005: surprising behavior for a member with such a long history.

    Not someone I would do business with.


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  2. soundmotor

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    Dude, you are more than welcome to post our entire PM discussion. Please, be my guest.

    In the meantime and directed solely at your ranting within said PMs -


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