Southern California Registry

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  1. jberger

    jberger AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Long Beach, CA
    John Berger
    Near the Long Beach airport

    Keeping good stuff alive, or bringing it back to life.

    My first full-time jobs were selling increasingly higher-end equipment. I'm a long-time fan of surround media, going back to quadraphonic days and gear, and now with SACD, DVD-Audio, and dabbling in Blu-Ray surround formats. Fix and flip for fun.
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  2. Mr Creosote

    Mr Creosote Active Member

    Visalia, Calif
    Not sure if I qualify for So Cal.. Visalia here.
    I love my vinyl. My 2245 is retired for now. Went with a new Yamaha A-S501. Really dig my Polk monitor 10s.
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  3. Mike Sweeney

    Mike Sweeney AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Orange CA
    Definitely SoCal here.. 15 mins away from Disneyland :D I started restoring cars years ago.. then I started restoring pre-50s radios.. I could have a lot more of those in the garage than cars.. went away from it when the kids were born and now they are teens, I'm back.. but digging into vintage audio. Current favs are Marantz and Kewood. I've my loft set up with Marantz 2226B fully restored, a Fisher DD-300 cassette deck restored and a Technics SL-D2 which plays but is scheduled for a makeover :D The bench has a Marantz 2285B on it right now, just finished a Marantz 1030 and I have a Kenwood KA-5700 lined up after the 2285B. I've got some Sony speakers which work OK but I have not decided which way to go for some good speakers. I just picked up and restored some AKG K-240 Sextett headphones for the Marantz.
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