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Southern California Registry

Discussion in 'Regional Clubs' started by johnblue, May 26, 2017.

  1. bleu

    bleu New Member

    Los Angeles
    Daniel from Eagle Rock. Hello:)
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  2. hifitommy

    hifitommy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    hifitommy here. aka tom roy. system in link:


    i prefer music of all types with an emphasis on that which i have not heard yet. hence, the radio station of choice is kcrw's eclectic24 it is their HD2 station. in the SF Valley and LA Basin, IF you have HD radio in your car, it is their multicast option. ALL music, ALL the time, no repeats in an hour, and ALL kinds of music so you are never really bored. like any station, they will play something not to your taste but it is worth waiting out that song for the next.

    it is available online and i tune that in or one of the jazz stations-kkjz, wbgo, or kcsm. my main preference is usually jazz and not the same stuff all the time. sure, kind of blue, and time out are welcome but not often so i can appreciate them when i hear them.

    i like that live jazz is readily available here in socal, i have recently seen renee marie, and diane schuur and in the past-patricia barber, diana krall, ahmad jamal, and many others too numerous to mention. i may just go see anthony wilson tonight at one of the well curated Jazz Bakery events. with that in mind, i need to get off the net and make some decisions.
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  3. ghettocowboy

    ghettocowboy New Member

    Anyone in here know a good tech who can repair/restore and build tube amps in SoCal area?? Please recommend if you know someone. TIA
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  4. caltechi

    caltechi New Member

    Wildomar, CA
    What area of So Cal are you hailing from? Also, are you looking for a professional shop or business or for a knowledgeable person works on tube gear? And last question: what type of tube gear, HiFi? Guitar amp ect.?
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  5. dfunghi

    dfunghi AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Coast California
    Central Coast here (near Santa Barbara). No hand at all on fixing anything, sorry to say.
    Happy to help PE stuff

    MC2205 X2 CJPV 1 AR TT X3 (XB, ES, EB), PL570 (daily driver) Vandersteen 3A with Subs Nak 680 and 600 RT 909 = Living room

    My office rig is more fluid. Fisher 400, 500B MAC 1900 Marantz 2245 all switch in and out. Signet 260 speakers. HK TD4400 90's era cassette, Denon CDP.

    I like to run MC carts and have a few but nothing too precious.

    2500 LPs and counting.... Artie Shaw to Frank Zappa and almost everything in between. Not a huge Metal / Hair band guy but all else. The other day I went from Billie Holliday to Tull with stops at Ottis Redding, Joni Mitchel, Grant Green along the way.

    I have used a few shops and found there really is no one near the level of Audiocraftsman in San Diego (Mike Z). I like tom at Northridge (I can drop and p/u in person, no shipping) but he has been stumped and I ended shipping to Mike in SD anyway. If you are a DIY AK has awesome folk that can walk you through stuff.
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  6. mfrench

    mfrench Addicted Member

    Over by Rainbow
    Waves hi.

    Pushes the record button a whole bunch.
    Plays it back with whatever works.

    So far north in San Diego county, that they forget about us. Just far enough from southwest Riverside county that they don't care about us. Cut off from Orange County by lots of bombs and machine guns (Camp Pendleton Marine Base).
    First stop light in town was in 1985
    Yep,... Fallbrook, the friendly village.


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  7. vmedia

    vmedia AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I'm in North County (east) San Diego and have been looking for a club or group in this area. Any currently meeting?

    Over 40 amps/integrated and receivers plus a few dozen turntables and tape decks - more speakers than a (married) guy should ever own...
  8. 2270 in play

    2270 in play AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Lake Forest, CA
    Hey there,
    I’m in Lake Forest (south Orange County).
  9. jberger

    jberger AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Long Beach, CA
    It seems there's a local listening club trying to start in the Bixby Knools area of Long Beach, starting this Thursday evening June 28 at 6:30 pm.

    The Knights of the Round (Turn)Table will be reviewing "Pet Sounds" this month, with future albums up for discussion.

    Knights will debut at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 28, in the Linden Lounge of the Petroleum Club, 3636 Linden Ave.

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  10. analog

    analog Tubes Are Good Subscriber

    Los Angeles
    Calling in from Los Angeles, west side. Next door to LAX. Been a music addict since I was about 10. Vinyl and vacuum tubes what more does one need?
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  11. hifitommy

    hifitommy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    have you tried going to a meeting or two of the LA/OC Audio Society ? www.laocas.org
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  12. analog

    analog Tubes Are Good Subscriber

    Los Angeles
    I have not, tho I have thought about it.
  13. tmodelli

    tmodelli New Member

    Would like to say Hi to my fellow SoCal (San Diego) friends... Due to some life events, I had to dump my whole collection a few years back, but I am now finally able to re-enter the "hobby" by starting the hunt for the red October.. err.. I mean, gear! :)

    Anyhow, Happy B-Day uncle sam! :)
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  14. Masonavenut

    Masonavenut AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Winnetka, Ca.
    Just invested in membership so now I’m trying to find my way around. Thus I ended up here.

    Marc Hunter
    West SFV

    Marantz and Fisher stuff so far but I’m heading down the rabbit hole fast.
    Wondering when the spouse will get past the “that’s really nice honey” stage.

    OBTW to the poster that asked for a tech.
    Tom Ishimoto at Northridge electronics in Simi Valley is a great guy. He’s done two Fishers for me so far. He listens to Vintage Marantz in his shop.
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  15. Ty Krebs

    Ty Krebs New Member

    Got you beat one @mfrench. I tell people I live I Fallbrook because no one has ever heard of Bonsall.

    As far as audio interests. Just about anything. Is there a San Diego North County club?
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  16. muscmp

    muscmp Active Member

    michael butler
    ventura county
    audio/tube and SS as well as guitar oriented tube stuff


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  17. grey_beard

    grey_beard Member

    Los Angeles
    Hello everyone!
    grey_beard (Gary) from north Los Angeles county aka Santa Clarita. Forever on the hunt for a 70's era receiver to tinker with or a turntable to tuneup.

    My current systems include an Onkyo A-10, Pioneer SX-950, Dual 731Q, and Dual 741Q.

    I'm starting to learn about electronics and soldering so I can improve my troubleshooting and repair skills.
  18. kaplang

    kaplang Works for me ! Subscriber

    I can see the international planes on their final landing approach to LAX from my back yard.
    And some other stuff.
    Do repairs to my own equipment and occasionally a friends. Let me know if I can help.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
  19. analog

    analog Tubes Are Good Subscriber

    Los Angeles
    No Way! I am also in Westchester, cant see the planes but can hear them. Near LMU.
  20. Jet757f

    Jet757f AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hi Ken from Irvine

    I have numerous model Kenwood Eleven's that I love when they work.
    I would like to find someone in the area that can fix them.

    I have been using Technics receiver's in the interim.

    I use only various AR speakers AR-3, AR-3a, AR-11 etc. which are working so far.

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