SpaceX - Falcon9 - DragonX - Elon Musk

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  1. bigstereo

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    My littler brother retired from the Navy a few years ago and got a job at Space X. They had him working on the Falcon 9 engines. He got canned for taking pictures of his work area and sending them in emails. He was sending them just to family. I told him before the actual canning happened that they probably would'nt be too happy with him if they found out about it. Sure enough....


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  2. quaddriver

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    rocket guys can get a lot of insight just by looking at engines. these aint your fathers saturn 5's

    this is one reason why Musk has not patented any of the process - once published its practically a cookbook for an entity that will copy it for personal/military use, infringement be damned (read: chinese, the russians already know how to do this)

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