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Discussion in 'Fisher' started by Kincaid, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Kincaid

    Kincaid New Member

    Howdy gang,
    I just picked up a pair of JBL LSR6328P reference monitors and I hooked them up to my Fisher 400.
    It takes very little volume control to make these monitors loud.
    Since these are active monitors, should I be using a different ohm setting on the 400? Currently
    I have the 400 set to 8ohms.
    These sound incredible BTW
  2. Kincaid

    Kincaid New Member

    This just in, there seems to be a sensitivity control on the back, however I don't know how that relates to the speaker outputs on the back of the 400.

    Added note from JBL:
    Three of the DIP switches configure the input, enabling the input level trimmer or presetting the input level to +4dBu, +8dBu, or +12dBu sensitivity. The LSR6328's input trimmer is aligned at the factory such that a -10dBV input provides 96dBSPL at one metre (in an anechoic environment). The fourth switch activates low-frequency protection circuitry which replaces the default 24dB/octave high-pass filter with a 36dB/octave filter. The next pair of switches adjust the high-frequency level, introducing a subtle shelf to the response above 2kHz, amounting to a very modest 1dB up or down. The final pair provide low-frequency boundary compensation, with a shelf cut of -1.5dB, -3dB, or -4.5dB below about 250Hz.

    Anyone else confused?
  3. Rob Thomas

    Rob Thomas AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Boone, NC
    Hello Kincaid. I'm no expert but I've always used 8ohm speakers with my Fisher using the 8ohm jumper with no issues. I do know that these old Fishers like sensitive speakers. My Klipsch speakers are a 96dBs sensitivity and mate perfectly. You may also want to post this on the speaker forum as well for input from those guys (pun intended)...they know their speakers and what makes them tick!
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  4. whoaru99

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    These are active/powered speakers. They are not intended to be connected directly to speaker outputs.

    They are intended to receive variable signal at line levels, such as directly from a preamplifier.

    Setting the input sensitivity selection as high as possible will help, but still they are not intended to be connected directly to the amplifier output/speaker terminals.
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  5. Kincaid

    Kincaid New Member

    Hi whoaru99,
    I've read some threads where ppl use these for home, but I couldn't make sense out of how studio monitors could be used for stereos. I understand the line level thing so I'll adjust at the back of the monitor.
    This won't affect the amp in any way, will it? I've not heard of ppl blowing up amps using studio monitors as speakers.
    I do have a pair of Soliloquy 5.3's that are 8ohms and it takes about 1/2 volume on the Fisher for full listening pleasure. These monitors will only allow me to put the volume on around 2 and
    the output is nice and full.
    Anyway, what would the outcome be if I set the Fisher at 4ohms or 16ohms? Monitors don't have an ohm rating 'cause they're powered.....
  6. Kincaid

    Kincaid New Member

    Yeah, that's a good suggestion, I'll post over there

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