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Speakers for a huge studio...

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by saggy, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. jhoyt

    jhoyt Incomprehensible space llama

    Tekton Pendragons
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  2. donprice

    donprice Wound up workin' at a gas station.... Subscriber

    I would look for cosmetically challenged speakers on the theory that they could be much cheaper and easily turned into an art project. Paint them up, stick a nearly silly price tag on them, and upgrade if they sell.
  3. OutlawSun

    OutlawSun Active Member

    Dallas, Texas
    That would be neat fits with the whole art studio aesthetic. Plus it would give some old beat up speakers new life.
  4. biscuithead

    biscuithead Me likes the eargasm retroplasm... Subscriber

    Northern Colorado
    After seeing a picture...

    I think this is a good application for the typical commercial/industrial hanging speakers usually used in places like this, and designed for places like this.

    I am not a Bose fan, but this is something that Bose does really well. I would look into a couple of Bose Freespace 3 ceiling speakers. It would be easy to match those industrial flood lights on stems, and hang them the same height as those. Depending on the acoustics, I might even set them up in Mono. I'm afraid that the space is going to be an echo/reflection factory, but you could fix that, depending on how important the sound is to you. You could also always augment the sound with some Hi-Fi home speakers that have already been suggested.

    I can find pictures of the Bose Freespace if you're interested, and I have seen them from time2time on my Local CL for about $200 each... Anyhow, this is just a suggestion from someone who once did this sort of thing for a living.... Good luck!
  5. Pete B

    Pete B AK Member Subscriber

    CT, USA
    There are speakers that are so good that you don't want to stop listening to them,
    this is what you should be looking for.

    I have a pair of VMPS RM-40s in gorgeous finish (upgraded cabinets) that I'd like
    to sell and find a large home for them:

    The finish looks like these, not my picture:

    My cousin was the original owner, and he upgraded them, I'm half way through freshening
    them up. They have the upgraded red caps, I think over $1000 option. They also have
    the true ribbon tweeter.
  6. toxcrusadr

    toxcrusadr AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Missouri
    ^^ Too bad you can't make offers to sell on the forums... :smoke:

    It sounds to me like the studio owner is looking for something for background music and is not a big audiophile. I doubt an artist (usually starving) would spend 1000's on speakers.
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  7. saggy

    saggy These go to 11 Subscriber

    I don't think he'd want to spring for uber-expensive speakers, as he's not an audiophile and would likely have his back turned to them quite often. Some of the recommendations on this thread are really great ideas. Even the ones that have no chance of happening (I'm looking at you, Altecs)!
  8. Pete B

    Pete B AK Member Subscriber

    CT, USA
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  9. louisjames

    louisjames The "real" Louis James Subscriber

    Tekton Double Impact. Will fill the room with great sound and an incredible value at 3K shipped.
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  10. gdmoore28

    gdmoore28 Super Member

    Central Arkansas
    Fun thread.

    Having had lots of experience with the Bose 802 in spaces even larger (much larger) than yours, I'd again recommend you look into them. I'll bet you can pick up an 802 and its EQ in your area for a song. (There's a pair on the 'bay right now for $375. I've seen them sell even cheaper.) Wide dispersion, plenty loud when needed, yet very HIFI-ish at the low volumes you expect to see. Mount one (or two for stereo!) from the ceiling and your friend will think you are a wizard. Sorry to double post on this issue, but that space cries out for this type of gear. ;)


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  11. E-Stat

    E-Stat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Most unfortunate set of dimensions in terms of achieving bass linearity. It's gonna have significant bass modes with those even multiples.

    I'd recommend a dipolar to help manage the challenge.
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  12. ragtopolds6

    ragtopolds6 Active Member

    butler pa
    4 rogers ls5 studio version if you can find them..there the small ones ..about 500 pair pair of studio 5 on ebay ..there close to what I mean..
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  13. sqlsavior

    sqlsavior AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Española NM
    This is certainly something to consider. New Magneplanar MMGi dipole planar speakers are $650, with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. BTW, I've always wondered what they would sound like suspended from the ceiling... Also, you need not have carpet over the whole floor, but throw rugs over the first reflection points would help. That room looks like an echo chamber alright. Anything to break up those parallel surfaces (diffusion), or absorb some reflections will help.

    Otherwise, I like the suggestions by @gdmoore28
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  14. lightcapture

    lightcapture Well-Known Member

    NC, USA
    Urei 809 speakers popular in recording studios offer quality room filling sound.
  15. lilwing

    lilwing CAGE FREE AUDIO ZOO Subscriber

    Forest Grove, OR
    I changed my mind... Speakerlab Super Seven. You might have to turn the Bass down. :beatnik:
  16. nolasally

    nolasally AK Subscriber Subscriber

    RDU North Carolina
    Ev regency’s Or Bozak symphonies.
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  17. baco99

    baco99 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Lawrence, MA
    As a recovering artists, my suggestion would be a) something that can be rolled around easily on a cart or on casters as the needs of the studio change, or b) something mounted on the walls or from the ceiling to get them out of the way and reduce the risk of damage from flying paint and other artistic fits of rage and passion.

    Contrary to some of what's been posted here, I don't think you need a ton of power, and I don't think you need huge speakers either. If anything, something medium to small would suffice for this music taste and potential listening arrangement.

    Is he:
    1) Interested in vintage look, modern/clean look, or does not care?
    2) Interested in a tube performance, or does not care?
    3) Interested in vinyl or streaming, or both?

    Answers to these questions will determine where you want to go. In this situation, I would think some integrated solid state amp with about 50-75 watts, or a receiver, paired with a set of ADS, Yamaha, or JBL speakers would be a good match. OR, something like a PS Audio Sprout, which has an MM phono input, as well as digital and streaming capabilities built in, and a set of Sonabs or Bose 301s come to mind....
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  18. shrinkboy

    shrinkboy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    try to find a pair of Frazier F12-4h- you will not be disappointed and will spend not very much at all
  19. Spence

    Spence Member

    Room treatments first, or nothing will sound good in there. There are some great sounding 3 way PA speakers out there, and you could fly them.
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  20. Harvestor

    Harvestor Super Member

    7416121cv11a.jpg get a set of these from Best Buy don't fool around with the tiny speakers!
    With 15 foot high ceilings you're going to want these speakers your room dimensions are perfect for these trust me......
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
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