Speakers you will NEVER sell.

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by dj_AmTraX, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. LoStrings

    LoStrings Active Member

    I have been using 4 Altec Lansing Model 19's since 1977, and I've never looked back.
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  2. hellhound94

    hellhound94 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Manistee MI
    After living in Ohio for 30 years, I moved back to my hometown in Michigan last year. My new house in Michigan has about half of the square footage my Ohio house had, thereby forcing me to unload a lot of "stuff." I ended up getting rid of two pairs of JBL 4311's, one pair of JBL 4312's, and one pair of JBL L830's. I also sold two Polk PSW-505 subwoofers. We won't even get into the large assortment of Marantz 22xx receivers or my two Yamaha RX-797 receivers I was forced to sell. I ended up with three pair of JBL 4312's plus a pair of Klipsch KG-4's. Based on my age, my home's square footage, and my satisfaction with what I'm left with, I can honestly say that I'll never part with my JBL 4312's. Or the Klipsch KG-4's for that matter.
  3. avguytx

    avguytx AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central AR
  4. White_wolf

    White_wolf Active Member

    Alamogordo, NM
    My Pioneer CS-V700's, got them from a friend that owed me money and I wouldn't trade them for anything. they were definitely overlooked when they were new, because they were two small for there time. Now they are very rare but still worthless and overlooked because they were popular when they were new. But I like them.
  5. owen-g

    owen-g New Member

    Adam a8x + sub 8 each side.
    Too expensive to sell...
  6. Sergey Green

    Sergey Green New Member

  7. 91r100gs

    91r100gs Lunatic Member

    KC area
    My Maggie's 1.7's
  8. danj

    danj modern primitive

    Somewhere in Oregon
    I swore earlier in this thread that I would never sell my Sansui SP10 speakers but earlier this year I sold them to a gent in Korea and replaced them with a pair of smaller JBL Sat 2 speakers. I won't sell my Dynaco A25 pair, though, since I restored them and rebuilt the crossovers to improve the high end a bit, making them a sweet sounding pair. I also won't sell my Pinnacle AC600 pair, which replaced a pair of larger JBLs, but which is more than their equal.
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  9. jcamero

    jcamero The sun will shine in my back door someday Subscriber

    The Dark Star
    I have a pair of Bowers and Wilkins DM12's that were for sale in June. After proper placement, and power, I'll keep them.
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  10. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    I guess I have gotten to the point that there is no such thing as a 'never sell speaker' to me.
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  11. ragtopolds6

    ragtopolds6 Member

    butler pa
    wow..tough question..i like the technics sb-m5 I have right now hooked up to a sansui 9090...jbl 4311wxa...ummmmmaybe sell...cornwalls...I like these also...Allison ic-10...probably not....dahlquist dq 10....ok ill go with them..ah maybe not...get the picture..lol I want them all...lol
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  12. twiiii

    twiiii Super Member

    west Texas
    I have owned different Bozaks for over 54 years. Two pairs of Symphony, a pair of Grands, Concerto Grosso and B-313s. I added super tweeters to the Grands and Symphony many years ago, tri amping the Grands and bi amping the Symphony. I will admit their sound is dated with issues in the HF and thats why I added super tweeters. The bass by bi-amping using direct coupled amps improves by magnitudes. I still audition speakers looking for replacements. The best was the Snell A7 phantom, but being point source speaker just didn't have the definition unless in a small room. The only speaker than has been a consistent winner over the grands is the Mcintosh XR 290. But as with my Grands a little room equalization is required with the need of another 6 to 8 db of power. Another issue is there isn't a center channel available like my Low boy 4005 to match the 290. So I keep looking. Magicos sound great in a small room, too. But again being a point source speaker they won't work in my space. Modern Mac speakers tweeters just turn me off and though they make a great line array that one quality removes them from the list. I guess if I were a screen and a projector I could get by with 3 XRT 28's behind the screen, when its down. But I'm love with my Pioneer 151 Plasma, so thats not an option.

    For over 20 years our company made professional recordings producing LP's and CD's for customers. Thats why I have Bozaks rather than Altec or JBL monitors. They produce the sound more faithfully of the live concert. It didn't matter if I used AKG, Telefunken, Neumann, Sony or Altec condenser tube or SS mics, using tube or SS mixers or tube or SS Ampex professional recorders. . Sure the tube recordings could get a little warm, but they could be so life like, not a studio sound. I never heard that with any other speaker than my Bozaks. Until I do I will keep my Bozaks with no regrets. When I hear Sheffield, some Reference and Telarc recordings I get the same feeling. Recordings of North Texas university wind band shock me sometimes reminding me of the sound I experienced as I was a member of a Symphonic band and sang in Choirs. Some commercial US Marine band recordings remind me of my recordings I boot legged when they and the Navy Band were in town. There is just no other speaker that can bring back the memories of actually being at a live performance. I'm not after replication of what is being produced in a studio or on a sound stage, though they can be very enjoyable. I want the live experience of an un-amplified live performance, be it outdoors, indoors ,on stage, in a concert hall, auditorium, or compromised field house or Gym. My recordings of the Basie, Kenton, Ray Charles, and other big bands are so close to being like you're there the thrill never goes away. So thats why I still have Bozaks. I admit with each upgrade in amps etc the sound gets closer. I'm back to using all Mcintosh with Urei and Crown processors. . I am about ready to fire up the Room perfect of the MX151 and retire the Crowns. Maybe after Xmas.
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  13. xrayspex78

    xrayspex78 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Speakers I would never sell are my Cizek Model 1. Wanted a set for a very long time and was always fascinated by Roy Cizek's designs.
  14. roadie1

    roadie1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Chillicothe, OH
    You beat me to it.........My Yamaha NS1000MS and my Harbeth C7s

  15. richd860

    richd860 Speaker Freak!!! Subscriber

    Not sure if I posted on this thread before,but I'd have to say my PSB Stratus Goldi speakers.I love the sound reproduction,The looks,and their ability to take some serious power,and not break a sweat. For now,I'm only powering them with my Kenwood KR9600.oh,and I only paid $300 for them,and I'm quite sure a deal like this will never come my way again.They are here to stay.
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  16. Kevin D

    Kevin D AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Buffalo Grove, Illinois
    My Electro Voice Sentry iii
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  17. mikeybc

    mikeybc Listener

    Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario
    Well....I sold them about a year and a half ago. After hearing my current speakers I knew the Energy's would only sit collecting dust.
  18. E.Auer

    E.Auer Super Member

    Lobster Pot
    The speakers that are in my house the day I croak will be the ones I never sold.B-)

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  19. Fast996

    Fast996 Mod that Vintage Gear

    The Silver State
    I have had these speakers for close or more than 40 years
    ParAcas satellites
    JBL L200
    JBL L55
    Fulton FMI 100 2 pair
    Recent addition
    TAD TCS3415 & TCS 1118SW pairs
  20. superdog

    superdog AK Member

    Southern Colo.
    Probably JBL L112 and Kef 104/2 and Vandersteen 2c.Good speakers are not that easy to come by for me so these are in the keeper pile.

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