Spec 1 reamp "bi-amping" questions

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by PAUL Camden, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. PAUL Camden

    PAUL Camden Member

    Ok, so I recently acquired a Pioneer spec 1 preamp, a spec 4 amp.
    This is what I would like to do, I have 4 B & W speakers that are 8 ohm. I would like to run those parallel
    on the spec 1 preamp a & b terminals. I also have a set of cerwins that are 4ohm that I like to hear once in a while LOUD. so I read the manual from pioneer on Bi amp connection so here's my question.
    can I run the left-right speaker wires from the spec four to spec one Pre, connect 4 8 ohm speakers
    to A & B on spec one pre amp, and... connect another amp, a mcintosh mc2500 and then connect the 4 ohm
    cerwins to the amp? run both amps and all 6 speakers?

    or would I have to run all speaker wires directly to the amps?

    or what about using my sherwin hp2000 for the other amp, separating from its preamp??


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  2. 62caddy

    62caddy Trust but verify Subscriber

    My recommendation would be to connect the (4) 8 ohm speakers to the MC2500 using the COM and 4 ohm taps and power the Cerwin Vegas with the SPEC-4 amplifier. ("A" speaker terminals needed only).
  3. PAUL Camden

    PAUL Camden Member

    well, i am waiting for the spec 4 to come back from the shop so I did connect the (4) 8 ohm speakers to the taps on the MAC
    and the (2) 4 ohm to the amp on my sherwood hp2000 and wow!

    Its crazy, 1/4 volume on the preamp is about 50 watts and thats all my ears can handle with all 6 speakers going!

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