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Discussion in 'Members' Systems' started by ItHz!, Mar 20, 2017.

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    I finally got tired of not being able to play any of my 200-300 LPs because of a malfunctioning vintage NAD amp and a DUAL 1219 turntable, the latter given to me by an almost deaf uncle. The NAD amp had an intermittently working left channel that eventually just quit not that many years after I bought it. A technician told me there was a crack in a PCB that was probably causing this. I sold it cheap for parts. A brother-in-law give me his Sansui AU5500 but its left channel also didn't work. I took it to a local audio dealer whose tech told me it was mainly oxidation and supposedly cleaned that up. I found that the problem hadn't been fixed so I took it back and after a few hours was told that it was working fine and that the problem was in my system. I decided that if it didn't work with the new TT, tuner and cassette deck, the amp was the problem.
    At this point I took the Sansui to another audio dealer for their tech to look at and am waiting for an estimate. I sent the tech a copy of the service manual available from HifiEngine.
    After spending time on various audio forums, I reached the conclusion that the Dual had at one time been a capable TT but that it at least needed a thorough cleaning and possibly replacement of some parts. I decided to sell the Dual and bought a Rega P2 with a decent cartridge.

    My (currently incomplete) system consists of the following:
    1. NAD 4150 Tuner
    2. Nakamichi BX-150 Cassette Deck
    3. NAD 512 CD Player
    4. Rega P2 w/Ortofon Blue Cartridge
    5. Polk Audio Monitor 10 speakers
    The prices for new integrated amplifiers get scary, especially when they come with internet connectivity. The audio dealer I bought the TT from gave me a Mies i100 (CAD $499) to try out but, while the higher range was impressively detailed and clear, the mid and low range just didn't show up.
    I'm hoping restoring the AU5500 will prove to be a reasonable compromise. People are offering to sell their AU555s for CAD$350-400. That may be what it will cost me to renovate the AU5500.
    Suggestions are welcome.
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  2. Drugolf

    Drugolf AK Subscriber Subscriber

    A good integrated is a great foundation to a good system. The 5500 might be a little light though. I like at least 50 let chan but 60 is better. The Polks are solid so issue with those. A little more power would really open them up. The 512 might be getting a little long in the teeth but if working I am sure sounds pretty nice. I use NAD CD players.
  3. ItHz!

    ItHz! New Member

    I got the 5500 for nothing so it seems a waste not to see if it's workable. Having said that, I appreciate the benefit of your knowledge and your recommendation and will keep an eye out for a more powerful amp. The 512 has seen only light use as its transport mechanism doesn't work smoothly any more.
  4. Nightwisher

    Nightwisher Farer In The Goldilocks Zone Subscriber

    South Carolina
    Good luck building! Those Polks are awesome speakers.

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