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SX-1010 - Power supply diode replacement

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by supergilson, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. supergilson

    supergilson Active Member

    I am having some power issues with a 1010. One set of the large diodes on the AWR-053-0 has no resistance in either direction. Might as well replace all 4. What's a replacement for those?

    Also - the fuse holder had a blown fuse that was covered in foil. Really smart. What amperage should it be?

    There was another fuse soldered inline between the switched plug and the fuseholder. Of course, it was blown. Is this normal? Can I just bypass it? It seems silly to have two fuses inline. (It's almost as though they figured some idiot would jump the stinking fuse holder.)
  2. supergilson

    supergilson Active Member

    Actually, they don't measure like that pulled off the board. One does give a 38M ohms resistance where the others read open.They all read 1.3M - 1.5M in the other direction.

    Do you think they are OK?
  3. markthefixer

    markthefixer On Hiatus, dealing with Dad's estate full time Subscriber

    Ohms? You need to use the diode function on the DMM. OHMS may not have enough voltage to light up THAT junction.

    Otherwise, other circuits will have to be devised to test them.

    Those rectifier ASSEMBLIES have to be replaced in kind, from donor units - and don't forget, you have two assemblies OF OPPOSITE POLARITY!!
    Thus you will automatically replace two diodes as part of one assembly.
    It is as much about the physical layout as anything else. Connections and heat dissipation.
    We haven't been forced yet over the years to engineer replacements.

    "(It's almost as though they figured some idiot would jump the stinking fuse holder.)" EXACTLY!!!!
    At least the idiots didn't open the stinking cases all that often.
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  4. supergilson

    supergilson Active Member

    Thanks for the tip. After proper testing, the rectifiers were just fine. The power supply board had a few bad transistors, so a complete rebuild fixed that.

    I now have my first SX-1010 working. Thanks, all!

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