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Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Motnick, Aug 26, 2017.

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    The SD313 is a 60V, 3A device and the 15032G is a 250V, 8A device. So anything larger that 60V, 3A should work. You could sub a MJE15030G which is 150V, 8A or go higher and sub a MJE15034G which is 350V, 8A.
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    I now have all of my parts, and I think that I have the unit as clean as it's going to get. I've given it a couple of simple green baths using a soft paint brush. For the second wash I diluted the mix more to try to keep the simple green smells down. We have had lots of low humidity warm sunny days lately that I have been able to take advantage of. I have been able to wash, blow dry with air, and then sun dry. The difference between before and after is surprising! I'm very happy with how much it cleaned up.

    I'm getting everything set to begin the restore. I'm thinking of starting with the power supply board and then the protection circuit. I also have a new protection relay that I'll install. I assume that I will still have the same issues as I did on the initial trials but at least I'll know my power supply is working correctly, and I'll have a properly functioning protection circuit. At that point I can move onto the amp boards where I suspect my offset and bias issues may lie.

    Please let me know what you guys think.


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    Looking good, be careful with that power supply board, before you flip that board over to work on it cover those rectifiers with a towel, they can be live.

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