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SX-1980 parts

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Cassidy77, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Cassidy77

    Cassidy77 New Member

    Enterprise, al
    Hey guys,

    I have shipped my 1980 off to Zebulon1 for repair. During shipping the bumper and heat sink was damaged. If anyone knows where I might find a bumper I would greatly appreciate it. I've looked on eBay with no luck as of yet.

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  2. danrclem

    danrclem Super Member

    I also have a broken bumper but have yet to find one. I'm going to guess that it'll be hard to find because I doubt if very many 1980s are parted out.

    I was going to get a guy with a 3D printer to make me one but I'm sure it wouldn't match the original. I really should have let him make me two and use them until I found a replacement.

    Do any of the other SX-XXXX receivers have the same bumper?
  3. Cassidy77

    Cassidy77 New Member

    Enterprise, al
    Yeah, I figured it would be a long shot. I do like the 3d printer idea. I may look into that once I get it back.
  4. EchoWars

    EchoWars Hiding in Honduras

    Kansas City
    Use a good bumper as a guide, and make a duplicate from wood. Paint it black and you're good to go.
  5. Awesomeaudio

    Awesomeaudio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sydney, Australia
    Looks like those delivery guys dropped the box. I can see how, it does weigh a tonne.
    Hope there was no other damage.
    You can try and carefully bend the heatsink fin back and touch it up with some matt black spray paint.
    Echowars idea for the bumper is probably the best solution until you find an original one.
    All the best with the repair :thumbsup:
  6. zebulon1

    zebulon1 Into Phase Linear's lately Subscriber

    Las Vegas Nevada
    I have this prototype from a process I started last year (Humm maybe two years). I'm thinking I should finish this project.
    I know others have waited for me to get this bumper thing behind us. This SX-1980 will kick me into it.

    Its a solid plastic piece made in a mold from a liquid two part epoxy.

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  7. JHS2RT

    JHS2RT and Miss Sasha Subscriber

    Vero Beach,Florida
    I'd be cautious about bending that fin back ---they break easily . I speak from experience.
  8. john stumpf

    john stumpf AK Subscriber Subscriber

    a few years back i was told that ups and fedex conveyors drop packages from as high as two feet. i dont know if its true or not,but if its even close to the truth it surely would give you something to think about when you are boxing up your pride and joy.i remember a seemingly workable theory that marking a postal package as "fragile" was tantamount to marking it "please kick me"!!! as far as the fin goes id speak with someone who specializes in motorcycle cylinder and fin repair.as they do straighten and weld them back on during restoration repairs

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