SX-2500 dial pointer lamp question

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by bhuskins, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. bhuskins

    bhuskins Well-Known Member

    Fort Worth, TX
    So I was swapping the bulbs out on my SX-2500 and it uses 4 - 8v .25A bayonet style bulbs for the dial and 2 - 8v .15A screw base bulbs for the meters. My question is on the dial pointer/indicator. I figured it would be an 8v 50mA or something similar. It's out so the only testing I can do is on the leads and they show a little over 12 volts when energized. I hooked up a spare 12volt bulb I had to see what it looked like and it was really dim (granted it was a 25mA bulb).

    So does anyone know what the proper specs are for this bulb. I believe pioneer references it as a A31-095-0 replacement in the service manual.

    Thanks for any replies


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  2. backmd

    backmd Active Member

    OK dial pointer voltage is 12 volts open circuit but 6.6 volts under lamp load. The 12 volt bulb does not light. Will try a 6 volt grain of wheat 3mm bulb. OK the 6 volt one glows properly.
  3. sanjib

    sanjib New Member

    Do you have any idea how to change the auxiliary indicator lights and are the specs?
    Thank you
  4. backmd

    backmd Active Member

    schematic says 5 volts on the supply

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