Sx-424 left channel faint and static

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by october13, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. october13

    october13 New Member

    One of the speaker fuses is blown, even though it looks good. Right side is back to normal...

    Left side faint and distorted


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  2. october13

    october13 New Member

    So where do I begin checking to restore this left channel?
  3. larryderouin

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    Only for Dental Techs (now HM-D) when working on a patient with a Drill. :naughty::naughty::naughty::naughty: .
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  4. october13

    october13 New Member

    Would there be someone willing to help walk me through diagnosing this?
  5. Watthour

    Watthour Electron Rancher - JS3600

    Surely - As soon as we get done listening to the smoke...

    So, where are we with the unit, anyway? The last I recall the unit was treated to De-ox-IT and there was a suspicion that the STVs may have suffered some physical damage. If you have the unit powered off/unplugged, the STVs can be tested in-circuit to provide some relative indication of their condition. Set the meter to the 200Ω scale and read the resistance in both directions. You might as well test both of them this way. We'll await the results and move along from there since that may indicate which direction we should focus. .

    If one of the STVs is damaged, there will be more to check in the pre-driver stages of the amp section. Get accustomed to using your meter, since we will be asking for lots of measurements.

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