SX-434 not working

Discussion in 'Pioneer Equipment Database.' started by ridnruff82, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. ridnruff82

    ridnruff82 New Member

    Just purchased a pioneer sx-434 and was happy with it, till it started to mess up. Im new to the vintage recievers so I'm a rookie with the terms. It was working fine for about a hour, then all my speakers started to sound like they had static or cutting out. I detached them and reached them and the same issue. When I turn the balance knob left to right, they don't do it as much but still cut out. When I turn the loudness button off, they cut out, but not as much. Can someone help me here.


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  2. Bassblaster

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    Cambridge, Ohio
    sounds like simple dirty controls. its one of the easiest things to fix and won't cost you alot. you can do it yourself
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  3. Blue Shadow

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    OP was here for a week after posting this in the wrong forum and it took 6 months for someone to find it and reply. Fortunately, the OP covered the bases with 4 posts about this issue, Introductions, General, Pio Database and Pio forums. got supplies and disappeared. Guess we got that one covered.
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