SX-780 And Speakers- What are you using?

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Arthur Smith, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Arthur Smith

    Arthur Smith Well-Known Member

    Today, I have it matched up to a pair of Paradigm Titan v.3's, and a Cambridge SoundWorks BassCube 8. I also love the JBL 2800's with this receiver.

    What speakers do you like to use on this classic Pioneer receiver?


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  2. nbarber

    nbarber I was once told "That is a damn good stereo".

    I gave my father-in-law a restored SX-780 paired with HPM-40's for his birthday a few years ago and he really likes the sound. I have used HPM-100's, JLB-L100's and Speaker Lab A6O's with my SX-939. I liked the JBL's the best.
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  3. Watthour

    Watthour Electron Rancher - JS3600

    I have three connected to pairs of Fisher STV-9235, Fisher STV-753, and Pioneer CS-F9000 speakers. All of those are rated to peaks of 100-125W (optomisticly) , all are fairly efficient, and all are rates 8Ω. I have two other 780s and a 790 in the storage rack, connected to nothing, but have tried them on various speakers from from KLH 23s to HPM-100s and Jensen Monitors. They seem to like lower-wattage, higher efficiency drivers which maintain their impedance through the ranges.
  4. Arthur Smith

    Arthur Smith Well-Known Member

    I do agree that the 780 does nicely with efficient speakers. I have also used it to drive not as efficient speakers, like my KLH Model 6's, and it seems to do pretty well in a 70's retro sound kind of way.
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