SX-780 back from the dead!

Discussion in 'Members' Systems' started by DavidStank, Jan 15, 2018.

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    In high school I bought a new at the time Pioneer SX-780 receiver with turntable, speakers and cassette tape deck. Halfway through college the receiver began to act up, worked intermittently for a couple years, then quit altogether. After college I bought a Harman Kardon 495i (I'd wanted an HK340 when I bought the SX-780) but hung onto the Pioneer through 6 moves and triple that number of years.
    Years ago I logged on here and found the fix to my issue: the common and well-chronicled cold solder joint failure. With that fixed easily enough, the Pioneer has been working flawlessly ever since in my airbrushing studio for the past 7 or so years. The original Pioneer Project 120 speakers were lost in a flood 20 years ago and last year I added compact JBL speakers to the basement set-up. It's kind of fun to connect my phone or iPad to the ancient Pioneer and blast Pandora or XM tunes through it though I was thinking earlier tonight of connecting the turntable and spinning some old vinyl for old time's sake.
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    SE Michigan, Downriver....
    Thanks for sharing...
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    Sounds like a plan. Spinning some records for old times sake! I love it!:rockon:
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    Good possibility you will remember why analog is still the choice of so many. I will admit that the easy way seems to be the new way. I guess at least for me is that I need to feel like I had to earn the music. It's good to have the satisfaction of a heavy dial and the ritual of a spotless record so any flaws will
    Be the failure not of the media but of the personal caretaker of the sound. I have no fact that at least to my perception its apples to oranges. Freedom of choice of course.
    Old school mind, body and systems, cheers

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